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The Optional Kind

A member registered Nov 25, 2015

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Raven has announced constantly that their is no intent to have multiplayer what so ever

Going back to the best OS ever made. It only makes sense.

The video seems promising. I'm guessing it doesn't work with the Windows 10 update.


No problem. I'm a youtuber if you have anything you'd like me to check out. Hit me up. I'm just starting out. But I think my content is pretty great for what I have in terms of specs.

To run CrossyRift here are the instructions to open it in a 64-bit systems.
(Maybe even 32-bit systems as well)

(This all takes place in the unzipped zip folder/the extracted file from the zip folder.)

CrossyRift (the downloaded file)/CrossyRift (the file within the downloaded file)/binaries/Win64/CrossyRift.exe

Never mind I found the problem. I was using the wrong .exe file. I was using the .exe file in the /engine/CrossyRift.exe. Not /engine/binaries/Win64/CrossyRift.exe. It was all my bad. Ill post the instructions to open it correctly so no one gets the same errors.

The error is:
"C:\The Optional Kind\downloads\CrossyRift\Engine\CrossyRift\Binaries\Win64\CrossyRift.exe"
CreateProcess() returned 2.

I also need help getting the file to work XD

Please further the development of this game. It's so beautiful and has the terror effect on me and some of my friends. The idea of almost getting hit by a vehical 80% larger than you