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this is such a refreshing cool game with a hint of undertale vibes going on. i'm a sucker for this sort of puzzles. and i would totally love to see the dialogues in it :^)

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thank you for sharing this gen alpha gaming experience. this is stylish af. i can stare at the baby stretch forever even if it's gonna break my neck. 

i can't really eat donuts but man those scrumptious looking baked goods are so fine. hyped for the expansion pack!!!!!

go to and look for venues in Tokyo

Hi skyleray! We're doing Global Game Jam on our Discord. If you haven't read the updated descriptions, have a look. And if you decide to join the jam on this site, sign up here (the official GGJ page) and come over to Discord to meet everyone :^)

Hi, welcome to the game jam. It's cool to have new participants but I'm not sure if you made this game for GGJ. (if you are joining, you should sign up here). If not, I have to take down your game. 

verklingen. (or so i heard from the friend who said they'd be buried with it) 

nice art & sound :^) i enjoyed the elevator music style music and the characters. but man, this job is harder than it looks.

thanks for checking out! 🙏 i'll probably make another (probably more polished) maker again when i have some proper free time. so maybe come back if you fancy :~)

thank you!! 🙏🙏🙏

thx 4 the vid m8 idk what nor how either

haha ikr? thanks for playing!

Haven't been able to play this bc of my stupid computer but I loved the aesthetics (text effects are juicy) and music! Hope I get to play it somehow some day!!!!! Also, nice logo!!

I got arrested and went to the jail and that was the coolest thing ever!!!! But I’m soooo glad it all happened in the game and not irl! Thanks for giving me this opportunity to live a life that I probably won’t choose to live irl!!!!!!

Played on Mac. It runs super smoothly and that feel alone was marvellous (as I usually use Mac) but that moment when you hit the big cube—idk how to put it into words... I’m 250% looking forward to the updates!!!!!!!

I didn’t know I liked removing mould until I played this game. This experience changed my life completely!!!!!!!


🙏🙏🙏 thanks! it means a lot to me 😭

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hey thanks for checking out! the fact is that unfortunately i don't remember why i made the bird scream. maybe it has something to do the original event (where the bird informed people about the burglary or something) but i'm not sure and i can't be bothered to read the original story. it was a decision i made within 5 hours (that was the only free time i had during this ld jam as i had a hellish job). so, i suppose i might've just made it scream on a whim cuz that's what birds do haha. 

whoa that sounds like a compliment that's too good for this little gaem. thanks for checking out!

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it's ok. jokes are so far-fetched and it worked only for about like 12 hours. ty for checking out tho!

don't worry. it needs a lot of explanations that are kinda outdated.

same. i get confused a few month after making it. thanks for checking out tho!

lol the name.


Hi fellow melon-heads!

I'm thinking of a melon game using leap motion (I'm open for ideas but I came up with at least one) but I can't code.

While I'll try my best to do that, I was wondering if anyone would like to jam with me. I want to make assets and I'm happier when I can brainstorm with other people than doing it solo.

You can check my style and such here:



Ah, I don't know if itch app supoprts browser games (When I click on the icon, it opens the page of this game page)
Maybe you can open it directly in your webbrowser? The link in here in case you cannot find it:

Oh thanks for your feedback! I'll check what's wrong with it then. In the meantime, could you tell me which browser you were using?