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Yeah, i understand it now. But the weird/glitchy animation really just sucks. If the animation would be better i'd probably have understood parrying from the beginning. Anyways, great game.

How does parrying work correctly? I can't seem to use it that good.

Damn, i have Chrome and am on a windows computer.. I can't play it.

I believe an interface would be good. I'm imagining stuff like on the left side of your screen there would be something popping up with multiple tabs. Like defensive offensive and peaceful. Offensive would have stuff inside of it like kill 7 bla bla's and capture bla bla bla bla (With a capturable enemy flag that they could defend perhaps) Defensive would have stuff like defend your own flag or patrol this area for this amount of time. (You would have to stay in that area for a while and there could be scripted events happening like maybe an enemy coming from the side) Peaceful would be stuff like pick up jerry's bow and give it to him. Find the wizard. Or try to find the enemies flag. You could also do something like go to every spot in this area.

It was broke protocol and no he didn't create them but yes the models are the same.

Guess you could just do that.

I agree with mr grimdawn. WE. WAN'T. CUSTOM QUESTS. (I posted this as an entire new comment just because i was worried you wouldn't read it because you ha'd to scroll down more on the comments you already read)


What is a "Compo version"?

I dont know if its worth to buy this game for 20 bucks. I dont really know what the EA version is all about. Can someone tell me?