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Yes, we prefer horror games in this jam, as it is about fear and phobias :)

Hello, sorry about that... I completely forgot about fear jam as a thing. Theme is announced now, and the deadline is extended by a day

Lmao I managed to start it yay

The game is, well I get the easter bunny phobia, but the controls are completely horrible. You should at least have an WASD control and a visible cursor in the start screen. Else than that, the design looks really nice, and it kinda gives that paschakounephobic feel.

Lmao at first it wasn't too paschakounephobic but when I first started finding the eggs it got more spooky when he got yeeted towards me. Lighting was a bit uncomfortable but I liked the game lol.

Simple but fun game 

Interesting game, and really got that scopophobic feeling. The voices were creepy and fit the game very well, but I still feel like it should have had some kind of background music too. 

Can't wait to see what more you have for future fear jams :D

I'm sorry, I announced it in the discord community and completely forgot to announce it here. 

Now it's announced here too though.

I really love the look of this game. The art style is really interesting. I also love the way it actually is stressful when a few lights go out.

The controllers are really bad with a keyboard and mouse, but you get used to it. 

Keep up the good work man :D

I really love this aesthetic. It really looks and feels good, and it's even running in the browser! You keep surprising me with your art style man :D

I love this even though it's so short. I like the aesthetic of it, and I really love the humor for some reason. The music is nice and the controllers are too. 

realistic fish behaviour 10/10

I love the humor of this, and the simple concept, but I just ended up with spamming the bird with bullets until it flew off the map and never returned lmao

bird model design 10/10

Yeah go ahead and plan the game! I should probably have had a theme, but this year there is no theme so you're free to plan. For the fairness of it all though, don't start actually making the game itself before the jam has started :D



You'll have to buy Among Us 2 again, but you might get a coupon making it cheaper, according to the devlog :D

I also peed today

Good we have somehting in common


ya'll ready for a four week jam?

I love this game dude! So glad you finally released it :D

Ok, I gotta admit, this is the best short horror game I've played ever. It's not too much, not too detailed, the animations and sound are REAL NICE! The controls are simple and good, graphics epic, juspscares, HOLY HELL I WAS SCARED BY THE FIRST JUMPSCARE. Thanks for making an epic game my dude!

Here's some gameplay my dude! 



This game is EPIC considering it's your first game! It scared the hell out of me! THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT O WANTED!

Short, but scary AF


Nice! I just saw it, really creative to mix in multiple themes that way my dude! 

I am so sorry, could you try and re-upload it? It says it exist, but I can't find it! If anything goes wrong, I can always put your submission in after the submission time if you miss it! 

Oh my goat that was epic!

This game scared the shit out of my, and I really loved it! 

Keep up the good work!

I recorded the game btw: 

My dude, I got a bit gameplay for u