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The Jingo

A member registered Aug 31, 2020

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the API code required billing info this's stupid can't you just hook the game to your own API code or fix this problem? plenty of people don't trust to put their credit card info there or doesn't have one in the first place

how did you get ending 1 and 2? I can only get 3,4, and 5

would be nice to have German as main character too but eh

when protagonist ran away from monster he doesn't seem to be scared or in a hurry at all he just walk away with straight face kinda ruined the horror espect a bit but other than that it's a good game

"hello fellow kid"

"uh um don't take my candy"

lmao tf that suppose to mean

don't you think that you used the "Dream predicting the disaster" trope little too often?

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eh feel more like game from early 2000 or late 1990

do you have an estimated release date for full version?

Beat it I love the challenge this game provide got a little stuck on "Open grave" and the one before final gate I really hate the rush the sniper give you sometime but still fun game

God the white hair girl is so hard to escape there's way too many trap in that cooridoor if I missed only 1 I died basically

Is it just me or the "practice mode" is the hardest thing?

eh the game do have great art style but shallow and boring story and music do get repetitive too fast and it also got some meaningless choice

Just think of the blood as tomato juice

it sad to read the comment and see that no one actually get to the even cuter ending this game has I got to 30 at second try and I was very persistance with the last gost until I got it I won't spoil anything but you all need more effort