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The Hooded Olive

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If have you have any questions about the jam please stick them here in the community tab or ask in the discord server :)


Wow good job

yeah it doesn’t work with opera. It doesn’t support the sound system my game engine uses for some reason

it’s broken for you it works in chrome at least

thanks. Yeah idk the layout just made sense to me

Very cute and creative game. Loved the art. Catching fish is sometimes a little hard and borderline frustrating especially when all you really want to do is talk to the fish. Though that's simply a minor annoyance. Very cute game :)

Yeah that makes the most sense. My guess is that the code order is flipped and it shows the value before it updates it

I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

Yes, Yes

I guess. Honestly I don’t play many either I just asked around

damn sorry for your loss

yeah for some reason if you do it a second time it updates the old high score. I’ll have to look at it

The game was actually gonna be called Slap Bass originally but I changed the name for funnies. Most sounds are supposed to be slap tho

Interesting. I didn’t realize that disconnect was so prevalent cause it just made sense to me. Good to know. Glad you found something you liked tho

That would’ve been crazy. Truthfully the start singing was because I had no time to make title music so I made that in about 3 minutes and two takes

Yeah most of the issues are polish things that could’ve been fixed with time. I’m glad you enjoyed the pun :D

Overall not an awful game however there are some things that could definitely be improved. I understand this is your first game jam but critique is still useful.

Some of the physics feel a little off. Gdevelops platformer behavior is pretty good but I would tinker with it more to make things a little tighter. Generally increasing the fall speed helps things feel better.

Also there aren't any instructions on how to play. At the bare minimum there should be some indication that you can double jump because I was legitimately confused for a little bit on how to make the first big jump.

Also with Gdevelop pixel smoothing is enabled by default so when making pixel art games make sure to turn on pixel perfect when making the project or go to the resources tab to disable smoothing on such sprites.

Hope this helps :)

Really good stuff. Loved the sound design of this game. Also everything just felt very satisfying and gratifying. Very well polished.

Awesome game! Really fun and silly concept. Loved bouncing around the clouds and the audio was really nice. Good work :)

Fairly bare bones and boring but the sound effects are really funny. Very fishy.

It’s a bass…

Glad you liked it

Yeah I play the tenor

Also the control layout (for the most part) was simply based on polling but the right to left thing is just me 🤷 

Yeah idk what happened with the high score (probably variables out of order tbh) I’ll have to go in and fix it for the post jam release

glad you enjoyed it :)

High score was kinda just thrown in but I must’ve done something wrong with it. I’ll have to double check my code and fix it for post jam update

glad you enjoyed it :D

Ironically the original controls were ASDF played on the left hand but I polled around and it seemed people liked split the most so I did that. I kinda suck at rhythm games and don’t play them much so this type of feedback is very useful. Thanks!

I’m glad you enjoyed! I come from a background of guitar and sax playing and for some reason right to left felt nice to me but the feedback is appreciated. If it were a full release I would have multiple controls however I made this in pretty much two days. Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

hey that’s not awful (I think)



If I'm being honest I'm so bad at rhythm games that I don't even know what the highest possible score for it is. I think the highest I've gotten is 16650 which is not a perfect score.


So glad you enjoyed such a wonderful piece of media made within 5 minutes

Games yes yes

Haha that's funny. Good luck for your game!

I made a video about the best games from the jam! Please check it out! :)