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That was probably because of my horrible optimization. It actually doesn’t unload the lower platforms because I couldn’t figure out how to do that in time. I hope to address in the post jam version. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! I'll probably fix that in the post jam version. That isn't hard to fix.

Thanks for the feedback? What about the controls felt weird? Was it the sensitivity or how the jump worked.

I really liked this game! The presentation was great and the game felt solid. This would work really well as a mobile game with a few tweaks!

This game was cool! It was quite frustrating due to the tongue unattaching and sometimes the physics felt a little wonky.  This game had a really neat idea and cute little story!

Don't worry. I used Scratch for 4 years and now I'm a bread crum.

English, un poco de español, and C#



I wanted to create a somewhat more methodical (puzzle like?) experience that let you you around with the game. Losing would have removed that vision in my eyes.

no almost everyone didn't notcie. I tried to make a litttle arrow on the conveyor but it could fit so it's only one line upwards.

There was a visaul difference with the conveyors nobody seemed to noticed them though...

For one. Your going to need to make this game look good to have a chance of getting any sales on steam. Right now it's obvious many of the visuals are prototype visuals. So I've got some tips.

1. You need to be able to aim your shot. Only being able to shoot left makes you camp the right side of the field.

2. Like I said the graphics will need a boost. A healthy amount of post processing and much more consistent and better art style will probably do the trick.

3. The variety needs to be increased. (But as a prototype it makes sense it's bland so no worries.)

4. Make the play field larger. The small arena makes it easy to die and also allows for minimal strategy.

5. Make a smoother difficulty curve. I could not get passed the first level of ten. Make it progressively harder not impossible.

6.Make an entity cap. (at the very least for the enemies) This would be a simple way to make it easier. By making so that only say, three enemies can be out at once you would make it much easier.

7. I would experiment a bit and see what your good at in game dev and emphasize that. This makes it so that at least something in the game has a good amount of quality.

8. Research the market. I know this is a little business-y but look around at other top down shooter games on steam and see what worked and what didn't. This makes it so that you make a game for an existing audience as well as seeing things not to do for your game. If you want to sell this on steam it has to look good and be good. So don't let yourself fall into pitfalls others have already fallen in. 

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The browser build won't run in my browser. Please let me know if it does work in yours.

(Edit) I fixed the issue with the browser build

My secret trick is to not fail. It's simple yet effective. And still surprisingly complex.

Good luck everyone!

Thanks! I really liked using this pallette. (It's just what I already had installed in piskel :P)

Neat but it looks a little messy.


GDKO Round 1 community · Created a new topic neat


I noticed that. That's been addressed but I can't post the update until the jam's over. Sorry :(

IDK the enemies sort of looked like broccoli so I went with it.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll make sure to address this in the post jam version.

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Yeah I noticed that bug. It only happens with the second checkpoint. I'm gonna fix that with the post jam version.

What engine did you use to make this? Just curious.

One of my favorite game jams is starting the DAY after my birthday! WOW that's a real present. :)

wow this is impressive for gdevelop!

The Olive Jam community · Created a new topic 6 HOURS LEFT!

Make sure you submit your game because the jam is about to end!

it appears that you submitted the game twice yet AGAIN. please just update this page if you would like to update the game.

So I tried to open this in VS code but it (like IDLE ) said the play extension doesn't exist. So what framework are you using? I would also put all of this information on the game page so other people don't have the same problem as me.

The Olive Jam community · Created a new topic 3 DAYS LEFT!

Just a reminder that's there's 3 DAYS LEFT so you'll be wanting to start polishing your games and finishing them up in about a day or two.

You do realize that you submitted the game. Look on the submissions page.

From what I can tell you posted this game twice. So which version of the page do you want to keep? Because to keep the judging fair I need every game to be posted once. (You can have more than one game they just have to be different games.)


How exactly do you run the the game? Because I have it in my Python program of choice but it won't let me press the run button.

Just curious how's everyone is doing on the jam so far. For instance is there anything that has been a large challenge or roadblock?

make sure all of the things are filled out.

that's odd