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Please wait until the rating period is over so we can fairly rate the projects

If you have any issues with your submission please let me know so I can help! 

Really good game!

Do you have discord or something else I could use to DM you the late submission link?

I'm playing your games right now on stream! Come by to see me play your game!


Send me the link to the game and I'll try to fix that :)

Ayyyyy first submission for the jam! Excited to try it soon!

Yes, just make sure to credit the original creators 

hmmmm I don’t know what engine you’re using but I would try to see if you could find a tutorial or some forum dealing with the same problem. It sounds like something somebody has made before so I’m sure there’s something out there on how to do it.

that’s cool!


The jam is meant for digital games though there is no rule against print and play. You are much less likely to do well making that though

As long as those "warm-up assets/projects" don't directly end up in the game then it's completely ok! I don't care what you make outside of the jam as long as it doesn't directly contribute to the jam.

you make it when the jam starts :)

If you have any questions/concerns with the jam feel free to stick them here and I’ll try my best to answer them. :)

I mean my theme implementation was pretty weak but you had 3 batteries to collect, 2 rocket boosters, and 1 solar panel thing. The whole game is a very small collectathon thing so that's how I put  the theme in. I'm glad you enjoyed it though :D

I mean my theme implementation was pretty weak but you had 3 batteries to collect, 2 rocket boosters, and 1 solar panel thing. The whole game is a very small collectathon thing so that's how I chucked the theme in.

I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing!

Yeah I think it's really just that one at the bottom right I need to remove. I think there was going to be more level and then I forgot about that checkpoint being there until it was too late. Same with the one at the very top but that doesn't really make the game that much harder really.

Dunno if you’ve played it yet but feel free to check out my little game :)

I’m glad you liked the character design! Quite a few people seem to have some minor issues with that so I’ll probably tweak some things a bit after the jam is over :)

That’s interesting, I don’t know much about Opera so take this with a grain of salt but I’m pretty sure they use a google base for technical. So if that’s why it’s not working that’s quite odd. Though I’m glad you seemed to enjoy the game despite technical difficulties on your end! :)

Very interesting. I wonder if there’s something different about your browser or it’s settings. The music plays fine on Edge and Google at least.

that’s very odd considering there is music. Every person that has played/commented before has alluded to having music so I would assume that there’s something wrong on your end. I wonder if it would work if you tried it again?

Gdevelop is a lovely engine. I quite enjoy using it :)

Thank you!

Yeah I agree, the jump in the bottom right is possible but I definitely made it too tight. Didn’t have much time for playtesting tbh. I’ll be sure to fix it up after the jam. Thanks for feedback!

This will make a lot more sense tomorrow when the video releases. Do not buy this though. The only reason it has a price tag is further the point I was making. Video explaining this out tomorrow though.

The puns never stop… they never stop…

Thanks for enjoying! I actually only near about half a day to make this and it was made in about 3.5 hours so that’s why the gameplay was so simplistic. I’m still not sure on how I could make something like this more interesting though 🤔

Glad you enjoyed it!


Why thank you! There wasn’t much to the game so I tried to make the single thing you can do at least visually nice. :)

I’m glad you liked the art!

Thank you!

That was a very... interesting experience. The ramps looked like there was some visual glitch. They kept flashing a lot. You should probably check that out.

Nice game! I would try to tighten up the controls so you don't feel like you're playing on ice.

The game has an incredible idea, but its direction is very confused, and the style of the gameplay doesn't align with the central idea very well. I think this concept is phenomenal and would work great in a puzzle game, but in a fast-paced game such as this it fails to do what it sets out to.

Thanks! I only had about 3.5 hours to make the game so the most progression I could stuff in was making them spawn faster over time. Do you have any ideas of things that could be added to give the game more progression?