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The HiveMind

A member registered Dec 18, 2020

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This game is great! If you put some more work into it, it can easily turn into a returning game. Ofc this game has lots of potential and so many things that you can do with it, but here are a few suggestions:

1: Make it possible to get more resources after you run out of the pre-generation ones

2: Make a survival mode where the enemy just keeps coming.

Things to think about in the near and far future:

1: Ofc... more units

2: The possibility to play as spiders instead


4: Give the spiders a base, as long as that fortress stands the spiders keep respawning

Im probably way to late, and this project has already been left for the dust, or given up on. But just lettin ya know, I like this game :)

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Fun little game, two things I would absolutely love:

-You can create teams

-You can control a unit if you wanted to

A couple other things that will be nice and fun to have:

-If teams are added, you can make custom stats per "Team" (and to add even more unique units, you can have multiple groups in a team with different stats)

-New units

If anything, I'd like to help with this stuff (not a programmer), I can make art and such for new units, more maps, and other things if you wanted. I love battle simulators, thankyou for this fun little game :)

Pretty fun, here are a couple of notes:

-A few bugs with pathfinding, because people and zombies alike keep getting stuck

-Replay value to keep people playing, like new maps unlock after victory, or multiplayer, or rewards and increase difficulty on victory, or something as simple as a leaderboard

This game seems to have so much potential, with a bit more content this can turn into that addicting Indie game that you will play nonstop for a day or two...

Epic game, I beat it! Love to see more games like this one!!!