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the guy who asked

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just don’t go out on a walk with him during day 2

If i could rate 5 stars I would but sadly I can't (sad Android user noises) this has really got me invested, you my good person (idk wtf ur pronouns r) have mad the perfect mix of drama randomness and comedy ( people say that random does not equal funny but with this it does) I think that this is one of the most original ideas for an fvn I've seen in a while 

P.s. thx for not recycling the good old waking up from a nightmare at the start of the vn that most fvn's have already reused so many times that it's like eating ur shit over and over and over again until it just comes out ur ass as the post taco bell special (might have went a bit to hard there but Idgaf) 

Alll iii waaannntt forr chrisssstmaaass issss STEEeEeeVvEe

oh okay I'll be waiting thx for your reply 

Hii quick 2 questions for you 

1. Do you know if there will ever be a Linux version 

2.Do you know when the new update will be released on Android 

W Steve enjoyer

not me tryin to figure out how tf to play this on linux when the pc/linux version doesnt have a .sh file

hi just wondering about the date that 0.9.0 will be up this month considering its the 28th and the month is almost over, sorry if it sounds like i'm rushing you because I'm not trying to sound like I'm rushing you, sorry for bothering you if i did so. Thanks in advance for replying!! And i hope you have a good rest of your day!!! (or night cuz idk where you live :skull:)

hey Linux user here idk if the file didn't download and/or extract properly but im not getting any music in game and when i went to check the files low and behold all of the music is gone except for the main theme and two other random songs thx for your reply in advance!!!

SPOILER (its a  joke about a silly little ending ;))

Dan: You look a bit tied up

Me after almost getting murdered while handcuffed to a tree: WELL NO SHIT THANKS CAPTAIN OBVIOUS

OMFG bro 💀💀💀💀💀

 I have no godly idea and neither does anybody else amd that's ok

I'm that way too 💀💀

Android w 

I already failed nnn like 20 times already

id like to think i am the most chill in the server

i am lying i have the same amount of chill as someone who just ordered 100 of every drink that is on the starbucks menu 

grr it has now been *checks every clock in my house* 57 days since the last update i shall now do the same thing as ENA before me except worse and even more unpleasant to look at

i have a quick question 

will there ever be a Linux version? I've heard really good things from friends and have been wanting to read for a while but only have a chrome book and iPhone 

on god

omg yaay

Hip hip

Sum 1 better reply with hooray so i don't look stupid if no one does imma have to cover y'all's balls in fried chicken batter and put them in a deep fryer and eat em like some KFC mmmmmmmm finger likin good 

Get this error on patreon version when I try to reload one of my old saves from May 

Ok thx for the reply I hope it gets better 

hey I'm just wondering how the update is coming along thanks in advance for the response

I'm excited for Liam my beloved 😍

Ok thx for letting me know :)

There is also HEAVY NSFW on Bjorn's route 

Im wondering if there is going to ever be another Klaus update cuz I love him and imma be sad if yiall have abandoned him

Ik I'm a year too late but


(1 edit)

Bro the sentence "shockingly and surprisingly, breasting boobily down the stairs." Had me dead

Edit: where is the elbow drop goddamnit I just realized this was released last year so IMMA NEED TO SEE MARRY GET ELBOW DROPPED SOME TIME THIS YEAR IDC IF ITS THE LAST DAY OF JULY IMMA NEED TO SEE IT

Idk why but because of how far in the future this is set in instead of a rich dude blasting Beethoven in a car from the 1930's I'm imagining some rich dude in a base model 2023 Honda Civic blasting Ballin by Roddy Rich 💀💀

imma spam the discord with this now :)

don't rush him draxxe or ill spam ur discord dm's with random ass memes

im warning u

How's progress going on the new update cuz I'm excited

Nvm text speed was on max

no but I was skipping through the scene if that has anything to do with it

(1 edit)

this error occurred during the play scene at W.C.M. and if I click ignore it causes like 20,000 more errors to occur im on Android btw

ah ok thanks for replying and congratulations on the graduation 


Is this game still going to get updated or has it been abandoned