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The Ghost of Nixon

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Just ran a oneshot of this, lots of fun!

When the imposterous sus

Left click seems to stop the glyphs from moving, but not all of them? Also by right clicking I was able to move the screen down and to the right but only once.

I don't think I understand this but it's cool!

You know, for some reason I don't think this person actually has a medical license.


Great game, you perfectly captured the aesthetic. My favorite part was the Smile Room

I liked this alot!

So cute!

Also this is really good satire, great work.

me when i'm. eatignh puzssy. lol...!!!!


Lmao. So anyway, what do you actually think about the Satanic Panic?

Hey Jacob, NICE KNIFE. Nice knife Jacob.

Very Disorienting in a good way!

The Satanic Panic was an event that had a basis in political opinion and would go on to influence public opinion and policy. By any definition it was a piloical movement/event. 

When an artist makes art of something from real life, they aren’t showing the real thing, but their interpretation of it. When an artist makes a game based on real events, when they are interpreting the facts of the event and showing their view of it. Therefore if they say anything other than listing literal facts about the event are making a statement of some kind about it. 

Please explain to me how you think it’s possible to make a non political statement about a political event. 

WOW! This is such a cool concept, and playing through all these microgames was so cool. It was so exciting to see how each new dev would be inspired by and remix the previous game. The best part of the game was seeing which bits of the story survived from game to game and witch bits were lost in the telephone game. I was consistently amazed by the diversity of styles, aesthetics, and game play mechanics, all linked together by a slick launcher and ominous supplemental documentation.

As for narrative, it seems like there were almost two separate arcs, one going from "Torch" to "Organ of Eden" and another going from "Day 11" (witch bears no obvious narrative connection to the previous game, though it has some thematic similarities) to "999,999". The first arc is wonderfully dreamlike while the second arc is more structured, both very interesting.

My favorite games were "Mrs. Blanch"(By far the scariest), "Avert Your Eyes"(What the hell is that filter, it's amazing! And I love the ominous lovecraft imagery mixed with snapchat text. Plus any game that can make you afraid while your holding a FLAMETHROWER is doing something powerful), and Scary Library (LOVE the art and the fixed camera made it so tense to round corners).

Overall, everyone who likes horror needs to try this.

So cute. I was so pleasantly surprised there was a story, I was just expecting a dress up game! Such a sweet little love story, and the art style was so cool, it reminds me of 80s cartoons. I was really impressed with the airbrushing for the shot of mars, great work!

So cute and the clicker aspect. I love Cyrus' gradual development and the clicker aspect was surprisingly engaging. 10/10 would behold Rutaboo's bulbousnes again.

I realize this is two months two late but you can see all the other scenes in the gallery

fair enough. For real though, loved the game.

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10/10, great game

Very cool!

I wouldn't recommend this game. There's a lot to love. For instance the art is otherworldly fantastic, and I think the game-play, especially the boss fight was ridiculousness fun. I think the game was decently scary as well, which is a major achievement for a game with graphics like this. But the story is not good. I was hoping that a game about the Satanic Panic would be more critical, but instead this story just serves to parrot decades old paranoia based on nothing. That on it's own isn't particularly bad, it's a criticism that can be levied against any exorcism story written in the last 40 years. It was the parts where non christian religions and abortion are presented as "Spooky". It's really tasteless and It makes me wonder what the Devs wants the player to come away thinking about the Satanic Panic. Are they trying to justify it and stir up more baseless paranoia or are they just exploiting a very complex time period for cheap scares? Neither is something I would recommend to others, but it is food for thought.

Really makes you think

Also the music is stuck in my head lmao.

Very coo, I love the mix of chill aesthetics mixed with the panic of trying to avoid all the people trying to mug you, makes for a very engaging shopping experience.

Very cool and tense! I like how Shaun apparently has dozens of moms lol.

I'm glad you made this, I didn't know anyone else felt this way about Doom. On the last few missions of Doom 2 I was overcome by this feeling of dread and that night when I went to sleep I had dreams not dissimilar from this. Under all the rip and tear bravado, there's something kind of unsettling about Doom you really touched on here.

I miss the pre covid days where I could go out and get strangled to death at my local lanes. Thank you very much for providing a virtual equivalent to that experience. 

Lovely Game!