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Good graphics and a nice theme, I did notice that at the next text button would overlap with the text

I don't know if I'm just bad but I did feel like the game was a bit unfair

A really good concept but the game just freezes sometimes

It would also be good to have custom buttons and another font, defaults rarely look good

Actually pretty difficult, but pretty fun

And great 8-bit music

A really nice little game with good music and combt mechanics

I know that this was for a jam so you didn't have that much time but I think that a sword attack animation would improve the game greatly

I also feel like some of the boss hitboxes are a bit disjointed

But it was actually really great, keep making games,  please

Nice little boss battle

One thing I noticed was that if you respawn while the boss was at the left edge of the screen it would insta-kill you

Really nice graphics and animation but sometimes the character refuses to jump

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That sprint tho

I literally used it and fell outside the map

Nice concept and great level design and difficulty curve

Though if I were to add two things they would be a restart button and that the timer didn't start before you had moved

Oh and also bingo!

The music is good but I would enjoy a start menu and some customization on the game page

It's also a bit hard to know how big the player is

ngl you actually got me with turn-based

I think it would be good to see where the front of he car is

Really great game!

This game somehow deeply resonates with me, I especially like the water

Really great music

I am so confused

Oddly depressing

Good concept!

Though I do feel like it's a bit too easy to just spam

Really nice graphics and sound effects

Really good art!

Actually a really fun and interesting concept

Nice work!

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Literally amazing. The concept and voice acting and the whole feel is just too hilarious

Really nice graphics and gameplay

Nice pixel art though I felt  that the movement speed was too high

10 glubs out of 10

A nice little game, especially if it's your first

I don't know how to describe it but the game felt kind of "hacky"



Nice concept but the game quickly becomes boring and repetative

Just an all around good time with sweet 8-bit music

It's also amazing that you made this in one day!

Pretty fun game but I found that the game crashed upon clicking on "Give Up"

Fun gameplay and good music/sound

Really fun concept!

Though the camera feels weird to turn and I'd recommend adding sound

Really good voice over and music!

Certainly an odd little game

My main critique is that it feels weird for the characters to defualt to a T-pose instead of an arms down one

Took me some tries to figure out what to do, maybe some instructions

A score system would be nice

Of course there are many things to improve but the fact that you made all of these in just 14hrs is amazing

Nice concept, though I felt that the game quickly became repetative and boring.

I'd recommend adding sound

The blinking tree sprite was amazing!

Super great concept!

I would've enjoyed a way to turn the music down slightly

Really nice graphics and sond design. My only disappointment is that one time I fell of the map and had to reload the browser to restart. I would have also enjoyed an optinon to turn down or disable sound because it felt to high.

Really enjoyed the ending!