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Very light-hearted, comedic and overall enjoyable. The game made me laugh at times, and honestly I could not believe Bo's full name by the end. Truly a 10/10 game!

I had a lot of fun with this game. It had a cozy kind of feel to it and I loved the art style. It was nice seeing all the choices one could choose from in terms of starting conversations/keeping them going. Azram felt like a really well-rounded character. Played through this several times on my own to see almost all possibilities.

Short yet simple, I had a good time with this experience. It's Pride Month, so I thought I'd check this out. I do think this game would be helpful for those who are new to the LGBTQIA+ community, maybe those who want to learn a bit more or anyone who is questioning themselves. While it doesn't go over everything, I still think this is a good game and very much needed!

Since this game was on my wishlist on Steam, I decided to check the demo out, and I was very pleased with what I played through. There was an overall eerie feel and look to the game. Honestly, I'm very curious to see what the full game will be like.


As an indie horror game, this is a really good one. The overall tone and creepiness was perfect, and the mannequins fit in excellently. They were used effectively. My only critique of the game would be that there are no brightness options as it is pretty dark. But, in general, a very good game that I'd recommend!

This game got me really tense as home invasion horror always gets under my skin in one way or another. Really well made!

The game explores a common childhood fear and does so in a way that's quite creepy yet fun at the same time. I loved the pixelated look this game had to it, adding a whole other layer of creepiness, especially with the creature.

I really found this to be enjoyable and some of the jumpscares definitely got me. It was a very interesting game. For me, I love how really well dolls, mannequins and ventriloquist dummies work with the horror genre with this being an example of such. I was thoroughly entertained by this!


I found this to be very entertaining and really well designed. Simple horror experience but there is never anything wrong with that. I could really see this being turned into a full game if it was ever wanted.

The game had a very simple concept  but it truly was effective in evoking a sense of fear. I became slightly on edge, especially near the end. Sometimes the buildup can be the scariest thing when it comes down to horror. Well done!

This was incredibly scary to me and at moments had me look away from my computer monitor as I knew jumpscares were coming. It was a fun experience that had me on edge the whole time.

I will say that I was slightly confused as to what was happening in this demo but I was also very intrigued and want to know more. The sound design was really good and overall, the demo kept me on edge. I can't wait till the full game releases!

I'm so happy you continued this story as I loved Yoga Bear, and became so invested into characters along with the story. I really enjoyed this game too. I can't wait to see where it goes next. The art is beautiful as ever! Fantastic job!

I am in love with the creepy and sometimes unsettling atmosphere of this demo. Furthermore, it is very evident that this game is inspired by many of the classic horror games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil which I also love. I can't wait to see what the full version of this horror experience has in store. Fantastic job, and I've also wishlisted it!

I loved the cute look to this game and found it to be very calming. The concept was basic but I feel like it worked well; a sort of hide and seek/Where's Waldo? but with cats. The game's theming is great too, being set during the winter. In my opinion, the controls weren't that bad however I did in some ways find it difficult to find the balls of yarn. I did like how there were sounds to help find the cats which helped me out. Great game in general.


This was perfect for the Christmas season and I'm so happy I played this game. It was very cute and really well made. Great job to everyone involved in this development process, and thank you. I had a lot of fun playing. Game starts at 18:57.

I was left with some tears after playing this game. It's super heartwarming and really tugs at the heart strings due to the very real nature of the game's premise. Overall, we all should tell our loved ones that we love them and message them because we never know how long we have left on this planet. Thank you for making this game.

Another awesome game from the person who made Wrong Floor and From the Darkness, which I enjoyed both immensely. Both were two of the scariest games I think I've played so far and this one is also going up there with them. I'm looking forward to the full version to see what gets added or changed. Fantastic job as always!

This game was spooky and creepy in many ways. I found the concept to be cool and got both endings even when I didn't know there were two. That ending though gave me the chills. Great job, and game starts at 10:07 in the video.

I like the concept of this game and found the atmosphere to be spooky. I am curious to see where this game goes in the future as it is only an intro/demo. I decided to play it as part of a 2 random horror games video.

I've always had fun with your games and this one is no exception. It's very cute with its pixelated art style and loving how's it's a point-and-click games like your other works. Beautiful piece of art in my opinion. Keep up the awesome work!

I checked out the original Midnight Shift last year so decided to check out the remake this year. I like how it's improved and that it does feel like both the original Midnight Shift and Urbex combined.

This was a cool little game. Spooked me out a bit especially when Sister Maria turned up behind me at certain moments. Cool concept and definitely spooky! Starts at 21:04

I'm looking forward to the full game for this as I felt the demo was well made. I'm intrigued by the main concept and I love the PS1 look to the game too. I feel it makes games a bit creepier, especially if they're in the horror genre.

Great game and got me on edge a little bit. Simple concept yet pulled off effectively. Starts at 46:12 in the video.

I'm really intrigued and curious to see what the final product is going to look like. Definetely will add to my wishlist on Steam. Great demo/prototype! Starts at 36:48 in the video.

Short but great game nonetheless. It honestly spooked me out a bit, especially seeing the figure standing in the darkness. Starts at 32:20 in the video.

This was a cute and charming yet spooky game in some ways but that's exactly what this game is supposed to be. Enjoyed every moment of it and will have to check some of your other games. Great job! Game starts at 11:18 in the video.

I thought this game was a fairly decent and good one to play. Creepy looking baby and the execution was pulled off perfectly in creating this. I look forward to more games in store.

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I thought this was a very spooky concept where you are a kid who is home alone and have to make sure the garage door is closed but there is something. I even got chills from this game. This was a neat experience.

Very creepy game but fun overall. I always have fun with games in the PSX style and find these to be the creepiest. Great job!

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I really liked this visual novel, and I'm curious to see the story expanded even more. Good characters and the art style is great as always. The one thing I do think needs to be added is that there needs to be more music or sounds that work with the scenes that are going on. Looking forward to the future for this game!

Super spooky with its atmosphere so much so that I was unnerved the whole time but I loved it. Great job, and looking forward to what you make next!

I love the SCP creatures and files so it's nice to see that SCP-087 has gotten a new game. This was really spooky and genuinely creeped me out but it was awesome. Sound design was amazing too which added to the overall atmosphere. Great job!


I will say this. Wrong Floor became one of the scariest games I've played so far but also now so has this one. Excellent job on this game, I loved every second of it. Great atmosphere and scares!

You are very welcome!

This was super cute and I loved it! I didn't want the story to end when it came to it. Also, the art style is awesome. Fantastic game! Looking forward to what you'll create in the future :)

You are welcome and I'm glad you enjoyed my playthrough. Also, thank you.

Such a cute, quirky, and charming little game. The art style was nice and I thought the story was good.