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Very creepy game but fun overall. I always have fun with games in the PSX style and find these to be the creepiest. Great job!

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I really liked this visual novel, and I'm curious to see the story expanded even more. Good characters and the art style is great as always. The one thing I do think needs to be added is that there needs to be more music or sounds that work with the scenes that are going on. Looking forward to the future for this game!

Super spooky with its atmosphere so much so that I was unnerved the whole time but I loved it. Great job, and looking forward to what you make next!

I love the SCP creatures and files so it's nice to see that SCP-087 has gotten a new game. This was really spooky and genuinely creeped me out but it was awesome. Sound design was amazing too which added to the overall atmosphere. Great job!


I will say this. Wrong Floor became one of the scariest games I've played so far but also now so has this one. Excellent job on this game, I loved every second of it. Great atmosphere and scares!

You are very welcome!

This was super cute and I loved it! I didn't want the story to end when it came to it. Also, the art style is awesome. Fantastic game! Looking forward to what you'll create in the future :)

You are welcome and I'm glad you enjoyed my playthrough. Also, thank you.

Such a cute, quirky, and charming little game. The art style was nice and I thought the story was good.

I'm really looking forward to the full version of this game as the demo had a spooky atmosphere to it and I loved the PS1-style look to it overall.

I'm intrigued to see more of this game but I thought what has currently been made is good. Love the cutesy look to everything and curious to see where this will go in the future.

I thought the game was beautiful, atmospheric, and was cool to play. Great job on it!

You are welcome.

Very fun and unique in its own way. I had fun with this werewolf puzzle/platformer. Great job to everyone involved in the creation of this game!

You are welcome.

This game was super relaxing and I loved the landscape along with all the sounds too. Very beautiful and soothing. Awesome job!

Awesome job at creating a cartoonish version of one of the most famous short films in history. This was fun and funny enough, I've been taking a community college class where we went over Georges Méliès.

I thought this was a nice short game that was well made, and I had fun with it. It was beautifully made and did achieve at creating a feeling that some encounter during New Years if they are celebrating alone. Great job!

I didn't mind it being short. I thought it was fun regardless of how long it was.

Very surreal and strange but I liked it. Looking forward to what else you have in store with the full game if there will be one.

That scare at the end got me. Fun and spooky at the same time. This was a great short game. Starts at 4:32 in my 2 random horror games video.

Short but fun at the same time. I did this as part of a 2 random horror games video. Good job!

Spooky, stylistic with its use of being black and white except for the use of the color red with some things, and had fun with this short horror game. Unique!

This was super creepy, very atmospheric, a little claustrophobic in some parts and overall, an amazing small horror game. Definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys horror. The scares really got me.

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I played this along with Urbex and I liked this game too. Spooky, creepy atmosphere and a good short horror game. Starts at 6:43.

Pretty spooky and short but good at the same time. I played this game as part of 2 Random Horror Games video.

This was a really fun and cool game that honestly frightened me. It sent chills down my spine.

Very dark and spooky atmosphere to this game, and liked the premise behind it. Well done :)

I thought this game was fairly good, but the only thing that I found to be an issue was picking up certain objects. But I liked the game overall and think it was spooky.

Of course! Keep up the fantastic work!

I'll be interested to check this out.

This game was short but I absolutely loved it and thought it was very scary. Very dark and I was tense throughout my playthrough.

The tone and feel of this were so perfect. Very creepy, spooky and definitely feels like it would be an episode of the Twilight Zone during the 60s.

Beautiful story and great gameplay. This even made me cry right at the end. I love your pixelated games :)

It has that Twilight Zone feel to it and I am in love with this. The storytelling was superb. Keep it up!

Fairly spooky and creepy at the same time. I'm also intrigued by the story behind it all.

I loved the style of this game and think it's a pretty well made short horror game.