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The Gaming Goblin

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the soundtrack pops off tbh

hell yea

I much prefer red bull over coffee but based visual novel.

ok. just how much acid did you take?

pryzm nightclub.

But apart from that, It was quite a good little read. keep it up.

add an option where you

just like my life. but without the gay part. I am very much attracted to women.

yee yee hawkeye looking protagonist. 


it was good and all but why the hell was this in my feed?

not a game I should have played while on weed but a good one none the less.




I like killing old women


Thanks dude, thats the one.

Does anyone know what game im talking about. It was like a fantasy type 2d fighter game where you played as the boss. and the main character talked to you before you battled and shit. Please say this wasn't some dream I has cuz it seemed quite cool.

(1 edit)

This is the game only game I've fully cried playing. 10/10 please make more.

Grandma died

That fucking piano gave me everywhere at the end of time flashbacks.

How do i open the game. its a .rar file and i have no clue how to open it.

and what level is the easiest 

How do you beat a level without killing anyone?

I turned the graphics down for better fps but I set it to low and I can't turn it back up again. help, I don't want the poo poo graphics.

windows 10 and i downloaded the right file but i still can't delete it

i tried to download it but it didn't work so i tried to delete the game and download again but i can't delete it.

fuck this game

i lost my username and password, can you help me find it


game is dead