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The Games of C64

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Awesome... this is a really fun game... would love Tenebra 2!  :D

My FAVORITE game of 202!  The graphics are stunning, the music is magical, and the game play is addictive and challenging!  Check out my PERFECT RUN, and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you are so inclined!  Thank you Megastyle! :)

Fun game!  Thank you!  Here's a little game play example video... please subscribe to my channel if you are so inclined!  Thank you Badgerpunch Games!

Excellent puzzle/action game!  More like this please!!!  Here is a game play video... my final score was 109,700!  Does anyone know what the maximum possible score for this game is?  I think I might be close! :)  Please subscribe to my channel if you are able!  Thank you Vector5Games for the great fun provided with this game during my holiday!

OUTSTANDING... it's just an immaculate port!  Check out a high quality game play sample, and please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you are so inclined!  Thank you LC Games!

This is quite possibly the BEST arcade port in the history of Commodore 64 ports.  I absolutely love this game, and cannot wait to see what else LC Games has in store for all of us #RetroGaming fans in 2022!  Check out my game play video and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you are so inclined! Final score 333,520 on NORMAL settings.

Thank you!

Really fun game!  Will there be a Tenebra DX or Tenebra 2 coming?  Here's the full play-through if you are interested... thanks for the great game!

Santa's Rats Issue!

What a fun Christmas present, the opportunity to test for you Marco! It was an absolute pleasure during my holiday!  THANK YOU! Here's a game play example and please subscribe to my channel if you are so inclined!  Happy New Year!

Another great game from ARLASOFT!  Please subscribe to my game play channel if you feel so inclined!  Thank you for creating all of the great software that you do!

The iconic GALAGA, another OUTSTANDING port from ARLASOFT!  Check out my sample of the game play, and please subscribe to my channel if you feel so inclined!  Thanks! :)

Here's just a sample game play video of Galaxian DX.  Check it out and subscribe to my channel if you're so inclined!  Thanks!

What an incredible effort with this insanely good port, Galaxian -DX-!  Galaxian has always been a super difficult game... the original arcade version sucked quarters out of this guy back in the day as fast as I could pump them into the coin slot... lol!  This version includes a "SPEED RUN" mode that is super fun!  It allows you to compete against yourself in a mini-game style that doesn't require a lot of commitment of time.  My record so far is 37.64 seconds which included a 98% hit rate!  Great work ARLASOFT!

Such a great game... so fast that it's hard to stay in that groove... really nice one!!  Hi-score so far is 109!

Great game! What's everyone's high score?  I'm at 101,600... also of note, a little bug when you roll the score over 100k.  :D  

Great game!  High score is: 9090!  C64 Mark, I am looking forward to Petscii Pete 2!  :)