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Thank you for playing and thank you for sharing! I'll let our students know! :)

Thank you for playing! We appreciate it!

Thank you for playing our students game!

Thank you for playing our students game!

Thank you! It means a lot for our students to see!

Thank you for playing and sharing!

Thank you for playing and sharing!

Thank you for playing our game and sharing!

Thanks for playing our game and for making a video! I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks again :)

Our education is actually free and eligible for both student grant and loan :D

Sorry if that came out wrong! Thanks again. I was just trying to put it more into context, a lot of the time the criteria for these games are leaning more towards the academic side for them to learn various aspects of game development, but it's still fun to get them out there and share the work here! :)

We still value the feedback and we'd hope for you to continue trying out our games!

Yeah sounds like a fun idea! We should pitch it for our students! ;)

Hi Niven! Thanks for playing!

I just wanna clarify these are games our students make during their time at our school, most of these game projects are running parallell with individual courses. This one was made using own engine and tech from scratch during their 7th game project spanning 15 weeks part-time (50%).

These are to be experienced as such and maybe not compared to full feature games in actual game studios :) 

But we very much appreciate you taking the time and feedback to our students and for trying out their hard labor!

Thank you for playing and sharing!

Thank you for playing! Our students appreciate it and thank you for sharing your video too

Hi, yeah I'm not sure it supports Win 7, I'll have to check with the group but probably not!

Thanks for playing! It's always fun to see a reaction/playthrough so thanks for taking your time and that you gave the students some credits!

Feel free to check out our other games too!

That sounds super weird. Unfortunately we can't reproduce your error on our end. Maybe try another browser to download from to make sure you get the entire exe uninterrupted?

Sorry perhaps you've already tried this as I seen we've already mention it

Sounds like something happened to your download, have you tried downloading again?

Not entirely sure what type of issue you have but even with Windows Defender active you should be able to install it anyway:

Just press "More info" and then select "run anyway" and it should be fine!

We'll be looking forward to it! There's more to come!

We'll take that into consideration but I think for now I'm not sure the students will make another build!

Super fun to hear and I'll be sure to mention this to our students! They'll be super please to see a fun reaction video playthrough from you! Thank you very much for taking the time and attention for our games, they've worked super hard on it and we are proud as educators to have them

So glad you had a good experience! Thanks for sharing!

That sounds odd, are you sure the download didn't fail? Maybe just try again?

Another thing, upon installing, Windows Smart Defender might wanna stop you from installing the software.

To install anyway:
Just press "More info" and then select "run anyway" and it should be fine!

Thank you for sharing and playing through our students game!

Thank you! Will pass it on to our students!

Hi SobakaPeppa!

This is a finished Game Project from our students. Who knows if they ever get together in the future for any updates but as for now it is to be experienced as full.

Please let us know what you thought of it after playing!

Fun that you thought so, I'll pass it along to our students, they'll be happy to hear so!

You were definitely more experienced with the game style than I was while playing!
I saw your playthrough and you were very good with avoiding the enemy hah!

/Educator at The Game Assembly

Hi and thanks for checking out our students game! If you're into horror, feel free to check out "Besöket" that is also here listed on our page!

Thank you for checking out or students game and taking the time to record your session too! The lenght is unfortunately a condition they have for the game projects so what we can playtest and complete them fully for school and grades. But maybe hopefully they can "re-visit" this for fun in the future who knows :)

Be sure to check out our other games too! We have another horror-game up on the site too called Delirium, maybe something for you?

Thank you Elrenia! We very much appreciate the video and thanks for taking time to play our students game! If you still feel like horror we also have another game called Delirium on the site right now too! ;)

Hi  again, sorry to hear that!

Unfortunately it's hard for us to replicate your issue with your antivirus software.

We haven't encountered any similar problems on our end.
I would however suggest at least not to use any "dissection" tools for any source files if wanting them to properly work.

Feel free to see if you experience any similar issues with the other games too.

Hi Niven, we've replied in a previous post!

Hi Niven, we've replied in a previous post!

Hi Niven, thank you for your reply and interest in our games!

This is quite possibly just your anti-virus software/Windows Smart Defender being precautious seeing we haven't had any issues with these on our end throughout lots of testing. These are in-house built engines and softwares and should contain no such things and these warnings should be ignored and treated as "false positives".

To install anyway:
Just press "More info" and then select "run anyway" and it should be fine!