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the final earth 2

A member registered Sep 24, 2020

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there's no end. The end is when your PC screen turns blue lol

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impossible when you dont know the coordinates of Lavacity's island

build eco farm and max the amount of workers in it with control + click (worker limit)

computer chip factories

upgrade die shrink to reduce the use of refine metal

it produces food for citizens.

experimental farm is in unique buildings category.

more progress


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tap on the forest and tap protect. 


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there is. Go build the workshop. You can get up 90% of the materials back after upgrading sustainable building

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press continue on the start page

accidentally deleted previous city

have to

wow. i like the australia continent in your building

dont forget to make it more convenient for your citizens to get to the refine metal factory by building teleporters.


well. You can get community house if you complete the blossoms hippies task of having 1 protected forest. I hope you didn't bribe them

fully upgraded homes does not mean 100 hapiness. There is only a few types of homes that when fully upgraded gives 100 happines

its currently impossible to go OVER 10 000 population currently. 

best game ever rating 5 star. although only can play one time. playing it again get more and more boring :(

i dont know.

lol funny answer creeper

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wow. nice structures! 

use code 'orchid' for more flowers!

use code 'stats' to see stats about your city;)

this is what i call a city :]

florian im looking forward to the next update. Perhaps u could add more scenarios. im looking forward.

me too. totally agree with u florian

interesting ;)

what is the link of ur yt vi?


woooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww. GGGREAT GAME OVERALL

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my b3autiful city