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These comics are visually stunning and emotionally devastating, thank you for sharing them here.

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I just tested it and that fixed the issue, thank you!

Also no worries about replying late, I didn't expect to hear back for at least a day, maybe even for a few. Not everyone runs on the same clock and I'd hope for the same understanding if roles were reversed. Thanks for getting back to me promptly! (according to my expectations, anyway)

This was certainly weird, but it also made me laugh so I guess I'm weird too.

Hey, I've tried downloading the pdf multiple times and by multiple methods, but all it will download is the png file (despite specifically selecting the pdf version). I'm not entirely sure what's wrong, but I've had no trouble downloading several other pdf projects from Itch in the past hour so it may be that the file needs to be reuploaded?

This was so succinctly written, I'm in awe!

This is unironically a fantastic tool, I'm gonna feature it in one of my collections and also tell a few friends about it! Love the expressions throughout as well, really captures the experience of having a completely blazed friend who is doing its absolute best to try to help.

Wow, thank you!

This is awesome artwork!

This was amusing and super cute!

Bug still exists as of May 2022, only fix I've found is closing and relaunching the program.


This is why we don't wander off after dark in rural places, country folk know better.

Looking forward to the next chapter, this looks amazing!

This took my breath away, thank you.

Reading this makes me feel less alone in my own struggles, thank you for sharing these experiences

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These are really good suggestions and I love the illustrations!
Also you're the first person I've ever encountered who (it sounds like) holds their pens/pencils the way I do! -Not super important, but it's nice knowing I'm not the only one.

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Thank you!!

Also, if you should need help troubleshooting (like to test downloads and report back errors), feel free to let me know. It might not matter if no one else has had any issues, but in any case the offer is there!

For security purposes I'm going to edit my email out of the thread/previous replies, but I'll see if you reply here. (Alternatively you probably have my email in your outgoing/sent emails should you want to reach out as mentioned above)

This is hilarious, I will never recover

I love the reframing of self-care tasks as spells, this is perfect.

Adore the artwork, the story, everything.

I'm especially moved by how you lovingly portray bodies that don't conform to modern beauty expectations (here in the west at least). That these "divine" and "profane" characters are both permitted to be more authentically "human" in contrast to how literal humans in media often are not is both exhilarating and a little...heartbreaking. 
Something about the tragedy revealed in the negative space; seeing aspects that are usually treated with shame (if depicted at all) being handled with grace in a story (maybe for the first time) can be so inspiring and healing. But there is a bit of sadness in it too, because then you begin to realize what you've been missing.

I'm struggling a bit to pull the rest of this thought together, but I guess it's enough to say that this story means a lot to me and I'm glad to have stumbled onto it.

(I really wanted to leave a comment of appreciation here so it wouldn't only be technical issues)

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I enjoyed rereading it, thank you again!

This reminded me that I was planning to come back for your other works later and it's later now haha- Fingers crossed they download smoothly, but if they don't have my apologies in advance for any inconvenience it causes.

(Edit: Yeeaah unfortunately none of the other three will install either, same error. If you'd be willing to send them to me via email same as this one that would be great)

This is lovely, thank you for sharing it

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(email removed)

Thank you so much!

Still having the same error message, itch attempts to download the file for maybe a second and then simply stops.
(apologies for the late response)

This was breathtaking. I will be buying a print version in the not-too-distant future, it's worth every penny.

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This was super cute!

I keep getting "An error occurred during installation No manager for installer unknown" as an error when I try to download your file (after purchase).

Usually I have no issues downloading pdfs here, so I'm not sure what's wrong but thought you should know in case it's an upload issue.
(Also I'm not concerned about the money, just wanted to support this project after checking out your blog.)

This is so sweet and charming!

I don't have very clear thoughts to say much after reading this, however I think records like this could be a powerful reference for changing how we approach mental health issues. Everyone deserves dignity and respect, no exceptions.
I'm sorry that you went through this. I'm really glad you reached the other side though. Here's to a better, more peaceful future.

I am still considering to this day and now I want some of that soup.

This resonated with me much more than I expected. I'm going to research OCD further, thank you!

Amazing work, I'm speechless.

So many ways to interpret this, it's fascinating. The artwork is stunning too!

Beautiful and inspiring!

Simply breathtaking.

Beautiful and thought-provoking!

This is good!