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The Downside killer

A member registered 52 days ago

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Ye idk I'm just bored

Also I'm kinda retarded

Yo random question but is pizza good like I know I've eaten it but still

thanks it's working now :)

android  sorry for late response 

Ye I'm getting stuck on the beginning of day two pls help

Nvm my g

BRUH I'm having trouble downloading the newer apk i have no clue what to do 

Yah my stuff dont work I tryd everything I could think of  so I hit a big OOF ×_×.                   BRUH my rap name Is gonna be lil white cracker idk why I'm bored 

Hm this floor here is made of floor

Hey I have an android and it won't let me play like I said earlier the app is not installed pls help meh

Uhhh I can't play the game it says the app is not installed so I don't know what to do