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The Cubic Cat

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i have been playing this for three hours

very fun

doesnt work for me

also, i didnt do linux support because id need to install and set up a virtual machine again which is a whole lot of time i would rather spend doing literally anything else. coming soon™

ok, its fixed now. i should probably be able to release the update today or tomorrow

i completely misinterpreted the issue, its not that


i am now working on a level built around this new unit

Thank you!

please add an option to cancel attack

just realized that losing gives you no score penalty, which makes it the most efficient way to get points. gonna fix tomorrow

arrow keys to control camera??


This is amazing!

This is a rather nice idea for a clicker game, but it's lacking gameplay as it is right now.

"Boss! What are you doin!? We're gonna get blown outa here!" "Just trust me on this one! I- I need to make it do four backflips before it lands"

Fun game! The dice editing system allows for interesting variation in playstyles, and it is very fun to recover after bad rolls with a x10 fire speed increase. The tank controls definitely weren't a great idea, but the game compensates for this with a very forgiving player hitbox, so this issue doesn't ruin the fun or anything.I think a nice addition would be stacking modifiers, since as the game is right now there is little incentive to roll dice after getting something good enough to beat the wave. Negative modifiers would obviously stack as well, so the balance wouldn't be significantly upset. Great game!

what the actual hell am i supposed to do?? i watched the devlog hoping that would help me understand, but it really didnt. how am i supposed to know what the cards do from these horribly ambiguous icons???

Same, the game crashed for me on launch and now when i open it my bitbuddy is dead :(

Yes, that would be very helpful

NUKEHECK community · Created a new topic Visibility

The green enemies arent very visible on the green splashes of blood

good game, but i feel like its speed depends on framerate. for me everything felt too slow while for others here too fast

yep. i sometimes go here and remember the times when i actually had motivation to do something.


Amazing game! I also loved the music

Great idea, but there is ZERO telegraphing of the attacks, so the strat is to just spam m1 hoping you block by accident

damn i just replayed this and the music is sooooo bad

nice game but you should refine the walljump, right now it it is very unintuitive

I hope so!

For a jam game it is good, I tried to participate and couldn't make anything in the short timespan :)

Very funny when you first launch it, but not very fun to actually play. The cutscene that plays every time you die is the bane of my existance.

The idea is great, but the game lacks a lot of polish.  After the rating period ends, you could try to expand on the idea.

I finished the game :D

Yes, that's a bug. Try to reinstall the game.


Hi! I'm the guy who created the game "Everyone Hates Red Guy" and... THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!111!1!!11!!!11

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I don't understand what do you mean with this; I used cinemachine for the camera and the character should stay almost in the center all the time... It should be a bug. Can you send me some screenshots, please?

P.S. I will definitely play your game 😀

fuuuuuuu my brain is melting...

I was going to add some sound effects in the last day, but I could not find  anything that fits the style of the game.  When the rating period ends, I wil probably update the game, adding more levels and changing the second one.  Anyway, thanks a lot!

P.S. Sorry for my bad English 😁