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The Crazy Cow

A member registered Jul 24, 2018

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if this is a trivia game, it needs to get its facts right. The game that is supposed to be resident evil nade me lose subs, but resident evil was a huge succes, right now everything points into random

just a black screen after the menu

make the next softwear version

I press install and the windows command prompt opens and coses instantly. is there any way you can help me?

i didnt fimd any shrines... just three chest with keys inside of them

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super cool game, i wish it had more gameplay. also a boss battle at the end would be perfect. you should add more swords and spells. maybe equip 1 spell at a time but two wepons at the same time. that would give you more attack speed. Armor should be a part of this game too. Chapters with differend bosses and mini-bosses, potions should be a think while keeing the game good and simple

in web verzion link is corrupt

It needs engish. i managed to make it to mission 10

why didnt my game save?is it because i alt+F4ed? but it sais progress saved so i dont think thats the problem