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The Bey8nd

A member registered Dec 14, 2018

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Love the physics, nice to have some character leveling options, zombie type and the humans on defense gets stronger maybe tanks as well, Great game

Run, Scary game, keep running away from that being, love the mini game in between.

Keep running until you found the house, Very nice game, Got the chills in the end.

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Run and Hide... Eye can see you.....

Very nice game, Im Stuck ahhahahahha, love the jump scare

Very nice game 

Love the Game,I Need to keep practicing ahhahaha well done

Nice love it, just jump of my seat.

Well presented game, love the developers twist in the mix. hopefully the full game will be out soon

The Inception of Doors. Nice atmosphere and jump scares

Nice game.. we know who did it.....

Exit.... Nice game 


We are inside his head. i know you are crazy ;P

Love the Game play. Can't wait for the Full version to come out. Nice Job 

Nice game. Row Row Row 

Nice game. i just keep pressing all the bottons ;P

Love the game. Very interesting concept. hopefully the full game will be out. thanks alot for the support ;)

Let's Continue Part 2 of the Gameplay hahahhaha

Nice game play. it make you thing alot about life. ;P

Keep up the work dev. Played the game and i had the chilling experience. just waiting for someone to pop out after i ran out of battery everytime.  fullgame soon ;P

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fun game. aim for a high score with a time limit.

Just relating to real life. Nice Game.. 

White eyes.... Cool game....

i got emulated ;P 

Very Funny game. just love people taking a piss hahahaha. nice game 

Where is Lorenzo? 

Thanks for the Game, Brilliant way to bring the Message of what is happening in the life of these people in our homeland.  tried to play and Translate as much as i can. hahahaha hope you enjoy it. this is only part 1. Good work guys keep it up 

Cool Game,  Simple fun gameplay. love hiding under the table and seeing those beautiful legs :P   Thanks for the Game : Here is quick gameplay  Thanks for the support :P

The Dark Room. Nice and Dark

What a game. The Title Say's it all. Looking outside the box. Nice Good Job :P

That was a pretty good game. keeping me up on my toes, hahahha I almost pee for a second there. Great work. keep it up :P Some Game play here 

Thanks for the support guys...

This game is soo funny, and its quite a challenge to play but well thats the fun of it. good job guys. thanks for the game :P