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The Been

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Bro I am so enlightened by this, thank you so much for this!


Tupla V voitto!

W win!

Congrats sir, very impressive.

Goofy ah emo 💀💀💀💀💀

"I love this game. You can just keep progressing and progressing, though many would find this boring, I do not. I think this is fun."

-The Been

Can you add a little menu where you can make time go by faster? It would be great for saving time.

Thanks in advance!

A good update would be a Grid enlargment upgrade system
I understand that this isn't super easy to add, but I don't think it would be taking that much time away from you if you work on it at your own pace.

You can also add more "units" I don't have any ideas for types to add, but you can always make a poll list for people to vote here and on social medias, this small game can become larger. It's popularity depends on your effort.

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This shit bussin

You seem like a cool guy. Wanna high five?

I can start! ✋

(hold windows logo button and press the period button)