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This game works amazing.

My only negative critique about it is that after going off screen you lose input of the "knife". I think this wouldn't happen if there was a way to go Full Screen.

Unless there is and I just didn't see it.

I just searched for it right now, and it appeared on my search results. So weird.

If it wasn't for the nerd mansion YT account I wouldn't found your game, I think your account is private, same with your game or something because I couldn't find either when searching normally. I can find my game when searching normally, so I think there is some setting you ticked.

What antivirus are you using?

This is pretty good. Hopefully you open it so other artists can add to the tool.

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This game is so fun. You should continue working on it. What engine was this work on? Is this a HTML5 game?

edit: Just saw the Github page and saw it was made using the Godot engine. Nicely done. I didn't even knew you could make HTML5 games on that.


Too bad I never learned German. I want to try it

F__k this game lol.

I like it, it is fun and great time waster, but it is hard. 10/10

Who the F is Arp and what's with that song he played?

I need answers.

Great game and very good looking

Hi, for the next version can you add link to the help section in app? Also, the Eula link is broken.

I need more of this :(

It's a good game, I am expecting a better version for the Project Lily.

You should put a watermark in one of the screenshots where you are showing the tiles. That can be stolen and used without your permission.

I played this game awhile ago and it had an interesting story.

But there were some bugs with the battle system where the enemies didn't hurt me because for some reason they couldn't touch me.

But the level design is top notch and it's fun to play. The music adds to the atmosphere and the story telling is also good. I recommend this game for people looking for a fun time.

The full game has more levels.

I didn't mean traps but that's not a bad idea either. I meant the first one you draw on the left. 

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What about werewolves, orcs, goblins, and turtle like monsters for the next update?

Also for the tilesets you could make cracked walls and holes on the floor. Maybe rugs and some kind of water/puddle tile. 

I don't remember if you had windows but that too.

It is a cool game!

Can someone review this map?

This is how it looks ingame

Can someone review my title screen?

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The game is not opening for some reason on Mac.

I am not sure if the error is "cannot find actors/json" when I open the index.html (because you're not supposed to do that LOL) but when I click the nothing happens. All I see is a black screen. That's the only thing I can add to the issue.

Loved this game. 9/10 (There is an annoying bug that prevents to score it 10/10)

There is a bug on the Mac where after you arrive at the mansion and try to go back the games lags a lot to the point I have to quit the app and restart it.

I get this issue when I first download the app. I think this can be fixed by registering it on XCode after building and deploying the app. I am unsure because I never did it on a nwJS app but I have done it on Electron so it is possible.

For those Mac users that get this issue, Fix that on System Preferences > Security & Privacy and click "Open Anyway" (or "Allow", I kinda forgot what it says next to nw.js).

Also, this is mostly a tip but can you rename nw.js to the name of the app? This is mostly a non issue and it is mostly to make it look good.