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This was such an adorable game! I really related to that cute little pixel character feeling nervous eating around people and just couldn't catch a break. I'm so glad that they managed to eat breakfast! 

I really liked how after the little pixel dude comes back from work, there is a sense of relief and calm, especially that scene in the park where they look at flowers and buy chocolate. Such a simple yet poignant work simulator. 


Reminds me of undertale! But wonderfully refreshing!

This is the game I never knew I needed. Thank you. Get your bag, dev. Get it on steam!

This is the hero we need in the pandemic

I love this so much! Seriously, this frog made me smile and it brought some happiness after such a hard day. I love froggy's adventures!

This was such a lovely game to play. I sure hope these 2 friends keep in touch! This game made me imagine they were in 2 different space stations for some reason! 

heheheh this was so enjoyable. 

You should totally make more games like these! hahah it takes real talent to engage people and make them laugh in a game that can be played in such a short span of time! 

Bitsy haikus are my new fave poem formats hehe :) 

This was an excellent game. I loved all the beeps and sounds from the old computer and I liked how the game calls me out in its own creepy way. Very self-aware, moody and atmospheric!

This felt like the ultimate game to sum up 2020., it put me in the shoes of content moderators and made me realize that their work really is difficult and morally stressful. This was made in Twine and didn't feel that way. Definitely the notifications that gave the game a sense of urgency! I will be thinking of this a long time to come. 

so that's what it reminded me of! hehe i liked exploring this little city a lot and I don't think I've uncovered half of the secrets there! Keep up the good work!

THIS DESERVES MORE RECOGNITION! The game was barely even a minute long and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Meta games are my absolute favourite and this was just full of fun twists that I laughed at the end. Great job!

The music is perfectly atmospheric and wistful. I like how it actually took time and effort to collect the water. :) Really made me think about how valuable water is and how we take it for granted. 

This was so funny! Nice twist there hehe. 

This was a lot of fun and really well-made! Thanks!

The conversations are really interesting to explore! Love how I keep finding new dialogue and hidden bits of the world to explore. Are the conversation sounds meant to sound like weird and garbled or is it just me?? But anyway, yes. Wahoo does indeed sound like a curse word hahahah. A great game, guckey!

What a classic!

This is amazing! Thank you so much for your hard work!

Best frogs ever!

This was so kind and warm. I loved it. 

hahaha this was such a great game! Loved the ending. The 2020 calendar made me laugh out loud.

This game made me feel so warm, happy and fuzzy. :) What a close-knit and wonderful community!

will wonders never cease! :D can't wait to check that out!

Really loved wandering around town and interacting with all the villagers. Their stories warmed my heart. What a great community! Thanks for making Maildog!

hey you're doing a great job! It was a really detailed game with plenty of nods to the original series any fan would pick up on and love. :D Congrats again!

I finished the game in 3 days and omigosh, kudos to the devs! The flow of music was great and really set the atmosphere! Dialogue was a bit clunky at first but it suddenly really ramped up in the middle towards the end and I enjoyed it so much! Managed to get around 5 endings but I think there's still one more I haven't unlocked in the gallery! Really an enjoyable and heartwarming game that explores themes of time travel tinged with a hint of sadness, family, growing up and love. Illustrations were spot on and the writing had a lot of depth. When I got the good ending, I smiled because yess, it fits just right! The bad endings were hilariously dark and made me chuckle. Hoping to see more from you guys soon! 

It's a really wonderful game with cute graphic, music and art! Just really hope that we can make multiple orders at the same time and serve our customers haha. 

This was such a refreshing and lovely experience! My favourite part was sitting on the bench to see the sunset turn into night. :) Thank you for such a beautiful game. 

Oh sorry! >< Excellent work, friend!

The perfect crime! Love the graphics, atmosphere and melody!! Honestly, guy, you deserve more credit for these games. I didn't even know Bitsy games could look this good!

This is so wholesome and cute!!

Imagine Undertale style fight scenes.....but with cats. 

If you're crying right now, it's definitely us, not just you

This deserves more recognition! Truly pushes the boundaries of a museum explorer game. :)

:D this was so short and great!