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So just to be sure, when the text is all red it means that the option is not available yet?

that bug where you can't progress with scrap is fixed? in my game I couldn't talk to him because the same dialogue appeared saying that he was fixing his house over and over, please I can't lose days of gameplay :(

yeah, mine is bugged too and I can't go back to before the choice i made

how do I get a beer with caleb? also, I can't trigger any new conversations with scrap

sorry for being a thirsty hoe but I hope it has more sex scenes because ren's one blew me away *-*

I just gotta say how thankful for this game I am... It's so difficult to find games like this that includes the option for you to be a woman and is nice too see. I appreciate all the hard work you put into it, I wish only good things for you and this project!

and I can't trigger the visit while naked with xer? how it's supposed to be done?

so i'm having a problem trying to get to xer's hideout? it's in the swamp? i searched the areas but i'm not finding anything