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I'm guilty of being a sucker for a finalized layout with artwork. I read ACWTM back in May and it seemed like a cool game, but reading it now in its beautiful, finished form and I'm truly captivated by it. I'm looking forward to doing a full video analysis in February!

I made a review video of this game that gives an overview of the rules and setting, along with my opinion at the end. Spoiler alert: I really like this game.

This is a great game in and of itself, but also a great template for GM-less, creative sessions with a very specific purpose and theme. 
Games like these tend to produce really solid foundations for fiction and it would be interesting to see a curated anthology of stories generated by this game and others of this type.

This worked! Thank you so much, Gregor.

Thanks, that would be great. Hopefully that fixes the problem!

The "Sagas.rar" file appears to be broken or unreadable. It doesn't open in Windows. Is it working on your side?

Awesome, thanks, Jay! 😁

Are you providing copies to reviewers?

I did a video review of this awesome game on YouTube. Check it out:

I made a video review of this game on YouTube. Check it out:

I made a review video of the 2nd edition of this game. Here it is!

This is incredible. I can only imagine what a full-length RPG from Rollin would be like.