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Wow this is more fun then it should be! All this needs to be a perfect game is a combo counter for comboing a bean and a score system with it.

This is an amazing game! I really like the concept! You should make a full version.

This is a really cool concept! U should work on a full game!

The Pico logo

How did u make this? I want to know how a computer is able to make a program with such power (also cuz he does stuff ive never seen a program do and i think its cool and i want to make my own)

I really like the puzzles plz make moar

This is so cool! And is that logo at the start a Celeste refrence?


Very good game! I like how each level have new stuff! Some levels were kinda hard tho.

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Good job on 1st! Cool game. I really like the glitch effect and the jump mechanic is very cool! Can't wait to see the full version! 

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we are all frogs. bow down to the glitch finding frogs and you might be spared!

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Good game. Really makes you think instad of holding jump and hoping you land. I also like how you can fall through stuff. But you can gain a lot of momentum allowing you to skip a lot of stuff. Other than that,good puzzle concept.

Interesting. Good concept

This is a super fun game! I really like the physics and the AI is really good.

It almost like it shows off!