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ik but honestly it’s so annoying bc the one round you get imposter every one leaves because they didn’t and then the round is over 

Not if you they add more people ling ling

There already is one

you should honestly make it to where people can’t leave the game. It’s so annoying when people just bc they didn’t get imp so the game of 10’becomes a game 5

also, like was the key word in my original comment. Like meaning similar to or the same concept but not exactly like it

did I ever say you have to do it EXACTLY like this? No. I was throwing and idea out there that I actually like. And the game that I was referring to, no one plays bc it is from 2012 so I can’t go play it. And “bro” is not a figure of speech moron

oh and I’m not your “bro”

Okay fine, that’s a fair point. But the physco role would still be cool.

okay so?


I was just throwing an idea out there from a game that’s actually a lot of fun, obviously they wouldn’t be actual werewolf’s smh. 

and a physco role. Basically, they want to be eliminated. If they do they win. Or a medium. They can talk to the ghosts but cannot vote. They are only allowed to tell others what they know 

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I think you should do it like this game on Roblox called Night of the Werewolf. Basically, you are assigned a role at the begging of the match.

Physco- 1, goal- be killed on trial, they want it to seem like they are the imp.

Doctor- 1, goal- survive, they can save one person each match (unless that person leaves or there is a dead body reported, then they can choose someone else) during this time, said person cannot be killed

Werewolf- Typically two though the system could stay the same as it is in AU1, goal- kill everybody 

Murderer- 1, same as werewolf

Innocent- crewmates in AU1

Detective- 1, goal- find the imp. They can investigate one person between each emergency meeting/dead body reported

Medium-1, goal- survive. Basically, they can talk to ghosts but cannot vote, they can only tell others what they know (although it may make them look sus)

You could also make a console version