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Theme coming soon. Just wait. and according to, game jame is an event in which video game developers work in groups to conceptualize, design, and build a functioning version of one or more game projects over a restricted period of a few hours or days:

Super mario!

- Ejected engine is out of date (found "2.0.0-e8" when latest is "3.1.0-e15"). You may encounter issues if you don't eject your engine again. Missing updates: [3.0.0-e0] Complete engine rewrite based around GBVM: * Support for metasprites * Parallax backgrounds * hUGEDriver music engine * Variable width fonts * Super GB borders * GBVM scripting language * Much more! [3.0.1-e0] Bug fixes and preperation for GBDK-2020 v4.0.6: * Fixed issue where input scripts could be trigger while VM is locked * Allowed input scripts to optionally prevent default button actions * Moved engine field defines into a single state_defines.h file * Switched SDCC features to use macros in preparation for new GBDK [3.0.2-e0] Bug fixes and crash handler: * Added crash handler screen * Text control code 0x09 added to skip characters without waiting * Allow tilesets with zero length * Fix issue where VM_LOCK was not affecting context switching * Optimised input script checks [3.0.2-e1] Bug fixes: * Hide sprites when overlay is fullscreen * Make sequences of control codes in strings "instant" [3.0.2-e2] Bug fixes: * Don't

I got chatgpt to predict it "

Based on the pattern described, the next game jam theme might have some connection with the number "four" or might involve a contrast between two different themes. 

One possibility is that the fourth game jam theme might be related to "time" or "history," as "four" sounds like "for" and "fore," which can be related to these concepts. Another possibility could be a combination of two seemingly opposite themes, such as "technology" and "nature" or "light" and "darkness."

Of course, these are just speculative ideas based on the given pattern, and the actual theme of the next game jam could be anything depending on the organizers' preferences and goals." -ChatGPT

I will make a sequel

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