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Sorry I didn't figure out a better way to get them to you, I think your twitter dms were closed :). Good luck with the next build, you are amazing!!

Keep up the amaaazing work, I’ll reach out with anything I find on another playthrough 😁

Wow. That was pretty amazing. I just finished the first build of the game, and the world-building, intrigue, characters, writing, music, art, it was top notch.

It is a testament to your writing ability that the majority of the game so far is spent in one room, yet it didn't feel boring at all. I love how we learn about the characters, the inner-monologue of the main character, and the mystery surrounding the station and how we got there.

The first few scenes were missing some punctuation marks, some mistyped words throughout, incorrect capitalization, etc. It didn't detract from the rest of the story though, it was only minor things. It's pretty crazy for a first build how much content there is though, so I definitely understand that the story is much more important than these minor issues at this point.

Thank you so much for such an amazing experience, I'm so inspired by your talent and the work that has gone into this. :D

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OMG! This game was soooo cute, thank you so much for such an amazing experience. I had high expectations going into it because I had heard how good it was, and it still blew me away. Ngl, I was pretty close to tears by the end. I made a lot of choices for emotions' sake, took my time with the story, and had such an amazing time. This game really touched my heart, thank you.

--- Gracias @samutoga :)

OMG! Este videojuego fue muuuuy lindo, muchas gracias por una experiencia muy asombrosa. Tenía grandes expectativas entrar en él porqué había oído lo bueno que era, y todavía me impresionó. No va a mentir, estaba bastante cerca de las lágrimas al final.

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[Free from story spoilers ;)]

Wow. I played through this game on iOS today, and I literally could not put it down until the end. Might be one of my favorite games I've played through.

The storytelling was amazing. There were so many good quotes, the jokes were really funny, and it was super polished. You really get to know the characters, and I felt soo many emotions about the world that they inhabited. The ethical questions brought up by this game and the cool technology the game imagines will stick in my mind for a long time.

I started playing this game for the art, and the rest of the game did not disappoint! So many cute characters and environments that had me excited whenever the story moved to a new place. It really complemented the dialogue and scene descriptions, adding so much to the story. At some action-filled points the visual novel briefly turns into a comic, which was a delightful surprise.

The music at some points became repetitive, but I think I can chalk that up to a visual novel genre thing instead of a thing with this game, because the music was more-so to set up the mood of the scenes. It can also be just me experiencing this game in one sitting. It wasn't annoying to listen to, in fact it all sounded very lofi-esque/techno-y, matching each scene really well.

The way you get to choose your preferred pronouns and name at the beginning is nice, and they are both integrated into the story really well! Although it doesn't seem to change the story much with what you choose, I'm curious about if the characters would treat you slightly differently, or what they would do if you keep your old name.

The amount of care and talent this game exudes cannot be understated. I'm pretty new to the visual-novel genre, but I can't help but compare all the games I've played up to this point to this one. I really am excited for new content, and until then I'll try to find some other visual novels that are as awesome as this one was to play through!

Nice Game! Made a blog post that mentioned it if you want to read:

Thanks for checking it out!

I love it! Good idea using Scratch as your engine! :D

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Nice Game! Made a blog post that mentioned it if you want to read:

No background music, and picking up mechanic was a little broken, but it was pretty fun! Would love to see more builds of it!

Thanks! :D

Cool! Thanks!

Chair Jam community · Created a new topic 2D Games?

How to you use the model of the chair meant for 3D games, in a 2D game?

Really loved this submission!

(copied from Penrose's game page

I love this game! The day-dream aesthetic amazes me, as does the seemed to be the INFINITE amount of rooms ;). I loved the way you implemented the characters, and I love the "unrealness" to the game. Great job

I love this game! The day-dream aesthetic amazes me, as does the seemed to be the INFINITE amount of rooms ;). I loved the way you implemented the characters, and I love the "unrealness" to the game. Great job!

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Thanks, rarelikeaunicorn for checking out my game! It was really fun creating it! :D

I actually got the pushing boulders idea from your bitsy game Reunited! It was a really good gem and a good representation of the possibilities of the bitsy engine. 

Thanks again for checking out my game!

Wow. That was really good! A friend of mine said the face at the end was really creepy! :D

Wow. That was really good!

Really LOVE this game!

Really LOVE this game!