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red is the best and fits the story

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just hit enter

or return depending on your keyboard

Special Features:

-An ending!

My favorite part of the description

Could you provide a link to the game once it's finished and/or has a demo?

I have, none of the buttons work other than the ones taking me to the Pokedex and Pokemon screens. Which option should I go for?

Its isn't letting me do anything other than look at my Pokedex (which doesn't scroll) and re-arrange my Pokemon. Is there something I'm mising?

Why no content?

It'd be nice if the controls weren't as bad as the Atari Flashack 8, which is the single most annoying system out there. However, I think i just found its competitor.

Fricking Nintendo can't let us just make fan games...

You b******...

The shotgun is totally broken, as it is the only gun that allows you to click to reload. Not a complaint, but definetly a bug. Still, if you play a lot of clickers games (like me), you WILL find that gun useful, as it is only 15 gold at the start (level 1) and is totally useful in all boss battles except bowser, who you will want the AK-47 for. Honestly, this is a really cool game whose ending is even cooler than the game mechanics XD

Watched it, it was lit