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thank you so much

i hate to be rude but i dont have the right things to open a rar file and wanted to ask if you may have the sprites in a simple zip file as well? If not im sorry but i was curious

Trust me I have violent tendencies myself dealing with those idiots. The genre is basically like an adventure game from what i got so far. As for where ill put it, I'll probably put it everywhere I can. And for the music i actually have a program to make them which i've already made a couple things on. Anyways alright, that'd be awesome if you played it on youtube. that would get it some good attention too cause i know otherwise i probably won't get any for it. But yay ok ill send it to you when i finish it.

Thank you so much! and thank you for the compliment on my name. I've never liked my name (cause people around here make fun of me for everything, name included). I think ive done a lot with it but im at that starting point right now. I've done a lot though. When im done with it im not sure what to do with it. Not sure whether i should have it on gamejolt, here, or somewhere else. That and i want to make my own music. Im not very good at that... Would either of you like to play the one im working on when im done with it?

The game seems really awesome from what I saw in the page there. I'm making games myself but I just started about a week ago on one. I'm not going to lie that the name "Jen&Sis Productions" is what caught my main attention before i read into the game. (My name is Jen so that's why). This seems like the kind that i want to make, but I'll be happy if mine are half as good-looking as this one. Anyway, I doubt you'll ever see this but if you can some tips would be nice as im starting out and you have more experience than me. I hope you continue making games, you clearly are good at it ^_^