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That’s what I usually do. But it doesn’t work. 

What version of Linux is that?

KARLSON community · Created a new topic Problem on linux

I tried downloading this game on linux mint 17.4 "rosa" and I did all the steps listed to get 

the game working, but when I tried playing it it just created a text file that was labeled invalid coding.

Is there a specific linux it works on? if so please lmk.

Ok, I’ll see about getting the newest! Thanks!

Thanks anyway!

which one? I have linux mint 17.2 rafaela, will it work for me?

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I use linux (mint 17.2 Rafaela) and it wont work. So I downloaded it fine, I went into files and there was no option to unzip, so I extracted it (I hope That extracting was the right thing to do) but when I tried opening the file labeled

'fairnsquare.x86_64' it would not open right, when I tried to open it it just opened application finder and I couldn't find the game, Can someone help/guide me about how to get the game working?