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Me like game :)

Graphics - OMG!

Enemy Variety - Good

Level Design - OMG!

Weapon Feedback - Meh 

Game Pacing - Meh

Arena Fights - OMG!

Music - Good

Story - Meh

Overall this game has a solid backbone. The weapons are great and the FPS controller is well grounded. The enemies are also fun to play with. I noticed that stealth is also an option. I found the flying ships that shoot at you when idle to be annoying and adding an option to take them out would help with frustration. The level design could also use some work and well thought out enemy encounters would help with engagement. The color palette is leaning on red a little too much and adding some green would be appreciated by players. The music is amazing too.

I like the visuals and it's very similar to Valorant. Also the top down mini map is a great idea. The guns sound too loud though and I found myself lost on what I was supposed to do. A linear level design and well thought out encounter would help this project. 

Excellent game and it didn't overstay it's welcome. I hope you add more detail to the levels like grass for the later levels and polish out the mechanics. Ammo and health pick up would be a nice addition. I really enjoyed it and it reminded me of a old game I used to play on PS2 called GUN. 

Hi IGKU, I really appreciate the time you have spent with the growth of this game. It's still in the process of identifying itself. I'm just going with the flow on this title as well thus the constant changes in genre. I have released a new update which includes 

  1. Enemy health bars
  2. New Heroic Game Mode
  3. Key pick-ups and reduced cutscene's

Also this update fixed the issue with reloading.

I will be adding places to take cover (crates), high grounds and a stealth mode in the next update so stay tuned.

PS - there's a secret weapon in this update that I added just for you, hope you find it.

Thank you so much for playing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for checking out the update IGKU. I've released a new update to improve performance, visuals/sound. I'm aware of the reload bug as well and working on trying to fix it.

Thank you so much IGKU!!!!

I really appreciate the time and effort you put into playing the game IGKU, I've updated the game and tried to fix all the area's that you got stuck in. Also I've added some new enemies and features. Let me know what else you would like to see in the game and I'll make it happen. 

PS - The speed run was amazing :)

Thank you so much cowboybob, It's really nice to hear that you had a pleasant experience.

Hi IGKU, I've been working on a new project, I'd like to know your opinion on it since you're my first follower. Please check it out if you have the time. I really appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

Thanks for playing Horoichi, Kudos to the simpler times!

Thanks for response Swoopie, I'll update shotgun damage and I'm working on the enemy health bar as well. I really appreciate your feedback....!

Hi Yuri, The controls are E and Q to switch back and forth from weapons

Hey, I gave up on the project, I've wasted too much time and energy on this. The project only has the mechanics and assets. I was unable to write a good story and the AI is a lot dumber than I thought. So I've given up, I hope you understand


I've added lots of mechanics including wall running and a grapple hook. I've also added a smash attach which does critical damage when pressing c in air as you suggested. I'm still refining the mechanics and lot's of new enemies and guns have also been created. I just have to do the levels and the story art but it's gonna take some time to finish. I will be releasing a demo next month to get feedback and I hope you stay tuned for that. Thanks for checking in btw.

Thank you, Appreciate the feedback.

Thank you.

The Web GL version doesn't have a menu due to performance reasons, Please check out the PC version for the Main Menu here -

Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it a lot. I'm making a sequel to this with more mechanics and I will definitely use your ideas.

Thank you

Pretty cool. Smooth movement

it's cool, Check out what I made -