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this game was short n' sweet! loved the character of the email guy and the concept is very interesting! if you make more unique games like this that are even longer, i will 100% play it!!

one of the strangest horror games i've played. i like it a lot!

this was terrifying!

this game had me in a chokehold!

this game was short n sweet!

some of the best jumpscares ive ever gotten!!

this game made me jump so badly i fell forward and hit my stomach on the desk 😂 i love this! i cannot wait to play the continuation!!

short and sweet. this was a fun lil game :)

this game was hella fun to play!

this game was short and sweet. had fun :)

this game was hilarious 😂 i had fun playing it

this game was super fun :D

this game got me GOOD. 😳

this game freaked me out in a whole new way 😳

this game was hilarious 😂

i enjoyed this fun little game :)

THE SEQUEL WAS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL!! actually freaked me out at some parts! highly recommend it. here's my full playthrough of it ^^

THIS GAME WAS CRAZY GOOD!! i highly recommend playing it. i had so much fun. part 2 will be up tomorrow :)

this game was fun i enjoyed it! i made a video on it too!

had a blast playing another bizarre and super fun game from this developer! cant wait to play the next one! 

probably the scariest game i've ever played! it played into so many of my personal phobias. after i finished filming the video i had to calm myself down for like 20 minutes afterwards because it legitimately gave me an anxiety attack. the chase scene gave me nightmares as well! 10/10

probably my favorite spongebob horror game i've ever played! 😁

A very weird but interesting and fun game! I had a blast playing it!

Awesome game! Can't wait to play the next one!

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had a blast with this one! looking forward to what you make next. i'll definitely play it 👍