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don't try his new game... advertising games on peoples games is messed up

you just play it on chromebooks, i sometimes play it on my school chromebook and its not blocked, yet to download i dont know... nice spycrab you got there

the multiplayer button is gone?

this page is for submachine. but i think its already out

also i love the root transporters because i want to see whats behind the walls, where the wires go, and where they split to other transporters.

looks awesome

i love this game so much it hurts. because its all tied together so perfectly i want to dig deeper.

oh yeah what does export do on saved games?

ive got an idea to make conveyor switches so you can stop the flow of the item on the conveyor.

just noticed that the pixel font messes up the way i made it

also for the 5 thought you you should make it like

   \/ conveyor that has coal

=X=== (to base)

/\ conveyor that has iron

boom thats how i do it

ive made  battery banks using the power lasers to build lines. to make a battery also i agree there should be a battery of some sort

i forgot to say i was in sandbox mode so i can pause and replace it.

hello welcome to and sorry i cant help you because im on mac. also i think the developer is still working on the downloads for some platforms.

no to get materials you dont use the core(base) it only takes items in. you use the drills to take the coal and iron to make steel. then it goes to the base. hope i could help.

darn i have mac

so i have tested it out and it works. i have also added on the outside armor blocks that get destroyed to protect the main walls

so it is suppost to look like this > guns on this side |    | guns on this side

the middle is the path the | are the armor blocks. sorry i cant get pictures...          

i just thought of a new idea to make a barrier because the AI seeks the weakest point in your barrier which could be 1 by 1 armor blocks. instead you make a long  open pathway we guns on both sides of the walls. then boom they go to through and get destroyed

i know its a early version but just thought to let you know

ok im on mac and it doesnt work? the error is

Dyld Error Message:
  Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libc++.1.dylib
  Referenced from: /Users/gloriane9/Desktop/
  Reason: image not found

darn i missed the new version 3 days ago... i would have played it 3 days ago.

oh yeah i have made it to wave 109 and it was really hard to keep my barrier up. i ended up leaving

i love it and couldn't stop playing it since December 30th 2017. good job!