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Played the demo only and it already was spooky enough. Well done. No scare jumps but always had the player on the edge. It's the 3rd game out of the 3 in this video.

Screw you, i shit my pants at the window! It is the second game of the 3 and the atmosphere really got me. Kudos on this one.

Did play it, recorded it but failed. Game just lagged like mad when i watched what i had recorded. On my computer it ran perfectly fine tho, but again, could not record. Spoke about it right at the beggining of the first game. It was well done but it should really have an options menu or an actual menu to orient the player, right at the start.Would love to try and record again once we can mess up with quality to be able to stream it.

Been there done it! I think.... 5 clues good enough? It's the first game of the 3. Well done but found a lot of walkable stuff that were not supposed to be. Fun and spooky since he is sneaky as hell! XD

The moment i saw this game, i just had to try it... The art is so beautiful i could not let this one get away (i even got a beautiful approved stamp at the end part of the gameplay 😂 )

Even story wise, it was well executed.

Well done!

I tried playing this, but, in my computer everything went smooth and all but on record the video got way too laggy... So i'm sorry but without options for quality control, i cannot show off this game on my channel...
Maybe i will show some others made by you in the future? or if this gets an update for quality control, i will replay this with much pleasure! good job on this one!


Ok went through this DEMO but had a hard time for the PC and i kinda "cheated" the 2nd fire box code xD still... ON TO THE NEXT!

My pleasure as it was i who enjoyed playing it as you enjoyed making it.
Let's see what comes next!

This game started really well at the beggining but then the scary factor went downwards as i've went through all the game. Could have done better but the try is there at least. Keep up and improve yourself!

Loved the jurassic park truck!
Also.... WTH is that  slenderman evolution?? Work with  stronger graphics and ambience and you can make people shit themselves!

Barely survived with the heart atk i got from that thing in the corridors

Been there done that! Games were seriously heavy when played by oneself. 4th game be here as soon as it's uploaded.

A nice small game with a little small flaw that i found xD was fun and had potential for something slightly bigger

ya. That was my first stream and im still trying to learn and configure everything right.

I know that i am not known, nor have millions subscribed... but if ya get more done, i'll gladly add them to my content :p

I was so not expecting the end... Because my mind was somewhere else and then BAM!! Just jumped ffs xD waiting for the complete version!

I meant MY stream. Ur game was fine

Did try it though! STupid stream had to come almost all without sound :c

i did try it although the stream came almost all without sound XD

i did tried it although stupid stream came out without sound most of the time xD

i did tried it although stupid stream came out without sound most of the time xD

i did tried it although stupid stream came out without sound most of the time xD

i did tried it although stupid stream came out without sound most of the time xD

Amazing game. Can't get enough. Gotta play Ch3!!

Played it. Shit my pants. NEXT! XD