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Played it and loved it!! Once again, great job from Chilla's Art! Still got some more titles to go through but every single one of these experiences, were all worth my time!

Game was very good overall. Did the whole review at the end of the video but then again, since i don't know how long did the developers take to make this, i cannot judge a lot.

Played it. Survived. Another excelent game from this creator.. Even the plot was amazing!
I will keep on playing them until i beat em all!

Played it and thing is, there is A LOT OF ROOM for improvements e all levels. Polish it and you got a master piece.

So.. Much.. Chills.... ALL OVER MY SKIN!!! No scares but chills. And funny cuz of the bear.

PT Vibes all over!! Also these cheap scares made me "mad"! XD Although good, there's plenty of room for plot improvements!

Really random. Seriously got me a few times. Swore once at the creator even xD

First thing i gotta highligh is the ending music... Laughed so hard i don't know what the hell was going on. Then, quality was really great!

I thought that i knew what i was doing but suddenly i got lost as hell!! nice concept tho! worth exploring!

Played it. Shat ma Pants. Gonna continue to play the other games no matter what!

Played it and i think i haven't given a yell so big as the one i gave in this video. This Michael Jackson was annoying as hell with all the pursuit he gave me!!

Keep em comin!

ur welcome

my pleasure

Screw you Santa!! He's a serious bullet sponge! Really good tho!

At first i was totally wtf, but when i saw that hero landing from santa, i knew i was screwed and had to gtfo asap! house was a little too empty tho

There's plenty room for more jump scares and a little more plot inside that cabin!! Got a nice spook inside the bedroom tho

This has to be one of the best i have played so far from you! Still have some of this year to try out tho but still. Loved it!

Optimization wise is really poor, but other than that, got room for much more good stuff!

Found some bugs and the fact that i can't go up the stairs normally, screwed up the entire gameplay. Make a jumping feature or something so we can go up the stairs normally

Played it, got lost at the little dolls rooms but managed to go through... Not that scary but plot wise got more rich

Depends on where the light comes from, the door ark may not be safe at all.

Ya i saw the complete reference to that video... But the randomness..... Jeeeeeeezuz

I KNEW IT!! I won the game! XD

Thank you so much also!

The game made me become really lost in the begging like... "What the hell am i doing????" It was weirdly funny

What can i say.... If it's a date ya want, it's a date ya gonna get!

Ya it is sad the game has no sound. It is easy to work around with, trust me. Use the real world in your favor!
Also consider removing the text that is always in front of you. It is annoying

Did play it but only on this website. The app is broken for it only shows the words "Memento Mori" in a black screen. Good for a little break from everything.

Unus Gammus community » Reviews · Created a new topic Why first?? :o

Welp i did play it but without an objective i was totally lost. Add some sounds/noises and it'll be 100% better!

Seriously? I had to record the game a second time because the first had damaged sectors on the recording and everything was not in sync. This second run wasn't that funny but on the first, holy hell!! She was scary as hell!! Turning off the lights and calling for me in the room i was in?? I shit my pants right on the spot! Well done!

What the hell did i just play?? This was a gross and hilarious game all at the same time!! Consider improving a little bit the models and you can easialy make a bigger game making the player stay all the time on the edge!

Genuinely gave me a good scare because of the frigging doll. Got space for slight improvements.

The best thing in this game was the power of the storm at the start of the game. Totally amazing!

Did not cut short but in pieces. Fun game and spooked me a couple times. Nice catch!

Enjoyed the game pretty much. Well done! Story wise also well elaborated.

Can't download

Weekend Spooks!!
Loved the chicken easter egg! Waiting for an epi3 with the chicken again!

Weekend Spooks!!
Can't say much... Just wonder if i have a good flavour??

Weekend Spooks!!
This game caught me really good although it is seriously small.... Second part should be at the office, full of manequins also!