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David Hinkle

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I saw your trailer, and even though I'm not really interested in playing it, I do wish you the best of luck on working on the game towards the finish line. #Confidence 

Hey everyone, Lately, as i mentioned in my Depression story YouTube Video, i explained about my depression state, I had seen such good support in the comments of that video, from my good friend Reed aka PixelartBuilder583, SorTexSheep, and ImBatMan. if by any chance either of the three are reading this, then thanks guys for helping out. It's just great to have such good friends like you.

-David H.

This is the first game with no sounds. but no worries my friends, the next game i release WILL have some sound, as well as royalty-free music. (and hopefully i don't get any copyright issues.) XD!!

This is my first game on so please bare with me as i am still getting to the knitty gritty when it comes to making games.