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When will the last free beta be? I plan on getting the full thing, I just don't want to play through any of the content 3 times.

The ending is simply amazing. Great job with this, hope more people play it! It being part of the fuckingcensorshipbundle definitely helped, I'm looking forward to what you make next!

Should I play House of Maids first for context?

The default size has the bottom text go below my screen, and trying to move it up has it go back down as soon as I let go. Using fullscreen doesn't work either because it zooms in on a corner of the screen, forcing me to f3 back to the default size. How do I fix this?

Processor AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx     2.10 GHz
Installed RAM 8.00 GB (5.89 GB usable)
System type 64-bit operating system
Around 170 K MB of memory?

What in particular?

It lags pretty heavily. Is there a way to fix that?

I think a stage select would also work wonderfully. 

Besides the classic contra machine gun and spreadshot, what other weapons do you have planned? Anything from metal gear or commando 2-4? And is a customizable loadout something that might be possible in the future, where the base weapon changes with some tradeoffs?

Got it. Good luck!

Overall great game, and I'm excited to see what the next build will bring. I think the animations are great, the level design and difficulty are really close to being incredible, and as in contra itself the power ups feel incredible even if I'd like for them to be available more often.

It might be a good idea to have a gangbang animation so that groups of enemies don't pause the game for a literal minute? And as mentioned by the people below, a way to skip animations would be nice.

In regards to being able to see the animations, getting coins is a lengthy process and I was only able to gain the funds for 2 despite having beaten the game and gone on the higher paths when available. I don't really think the coins are necessary at all tbh- the game has enough longevity as is due to multiple paths and difficulty, so this just feels a bit grindy instead of encouraging exploration and replaying.

Speaking of secrets, I think that the game should allow for backtracking in cases where the player isn't choosing between power ups. An example would be the third level- I spent a BUNCH of attempts (possibly a dozen?) trying to get past the red fliers on the pipes, since getting hit once would force me to restart the level if I wanted another try. And by the end, it wasn't even worth it since it ended at the same place the path below it did, with the path below THAT only missing out on two coin boxes and the very bottom path actually having a power up. Having the ability to just climb back up would have gone a long way towards making that area less frustrating.

Finally, while the final boss is pretty neat the first boss is bland. There's no apparent h animation, the tentacles aren't telegraphed so the main strat becomes strafing back and forth, and the boss takes and INCREDIBLY long time to kill. It's not a hard boss despite this, since there's a few seconds between attacks, but it does get a bit boring.

Fair enough! I think the tweet you shared is pretty neat, though I have to admit that balancing parries (and other defensive options like rolls/dashes/shields) between overpowered and useless is hard.

I think the game being limited to nudity is fair, though I do feel like it unnecessarily limits the number of people who can play it I can also understand building the game specifically for that (it's even in the name lmao). Do you plan to create other games in the future? And will they be more explicit or sfw?

Finally, could you upload this to newgrounds? I think that'd really help with getting it more attention.

I think the game's pretty neat- props to the VA, her voice is amazing. The animations are really good too, and the game offers some interesting challenges. I think the first boss was pretty cool.

The main issues are in gameplay awkwardness and the inability to play at fullscreen or other resolutions. I couldn't see any of the pits because the were hidden below my menu bar, and the vertically challenged sword hitbox combined with her continuing to crouch/stand if you press slash despite inputting something else along with the many projectiles aimed at your fairly large hurtbox combined to produce an experience where I was getting hit every few seconds and getting a game over to refill on health and lives was more effective than attempting to keep my vitality up. 

Is there any explicit content for this game planned in the future? Cause otherwise, I am a bit confused by your decision to include nudity on a game that could be given to teenagers if not for the death animations.

So it will be a paid release?

Will the final release be paid? I plan to get it either way, just curious.

Reminds me a good amount of pinktea's stuff. If I had to offer any improvements, I'd probably recommend taking a few other ideas from his stuff- so more punishment options, different varieties of sex and teasing them, more dialogue options, etc.

Is the dlsite release the final version? And how does it differ from the trial/free version?

side note: I think the game is pretty cool, though it'd be nice if there were checkpoints in the levels, a way to see h-scenes without needing the enemies to knock us down, and more of our abilities available at the start.

What happened to the demo?

Concept sounds cool, only know about it since I saw you on the future fragments discord.

The dev is super active on discord, so maybe try asking there?

They didn't recieve the necessary funding so I'm not sure the game is still happening.

Is the demo no longer available?

How are we meant to get through the pitch black section?

It's a really good game! Honestly impressed you did this within 48 hours!

I got all the secrets, but by any chance were we supposed to use the rewind time feature at any point? 

Thanks! I wasn't aware that tab switched through them!

Also, the game's really good. I had a lot of fun with it!

My pc doesn't seem to let me use the F# series of buttons for anything other than the printed use regardless of what application is open, so having the ability to move to it from the inventory or switching up the buttons would be really helpful.

Trying to escape from battle didn't seem possible at all for me, so the tutorial for that is a softlock for me.

Really fun. I'd love to play the full thing once I get a proper mouse.

Spoiler: Does anyone know what happens if you reach 50 deaths and talk to the guy? I accidentally hit the end before testing that.

Erm, the new twitter link doesn't seem to work either.

Will there be a chapter 2?

You are supposed to left click, right? Or am I dumb?

It looks really pretty and fun but I don't think fire works properly on the keyboard so I got stopped at the first ice barricade.

Really glad itch recommended it to me!

That's fair! I'll definitely update my review after next update!

Is 109 percent the maximum possible? I think the only thing I could have missed was the stairs behind the stones at the top of the screen.

Overall a very good game!

Thanks for the reply! I'm glad to see things are going okay!

The game looks cool, but the download was removed, there are no comments, the last post was half a year ago, the twitter no longer exists, and your tumblr was both last updated a year ago and outright says game development isn't going well.

I know the world is a mess rn, but are you okay?

Wait, this was done just for a school project? I'd be surprised if you didn't get an A!

Do you plan to update this project further down the line? It was really good.

Also, I have the same problem that another commenter had with the tower- I am unable to grapple onto the first step of the tower, the one that doesn't move. Moreover, running from random encounters has crashed my game before, and the item picked up at the end of the caves (in a bridge/railroad puzzle right before meeting cassandra and her friend for the first time) is bugged out and doesn't display properly.

The game is excellent! I was wondering if there was a secrets guide or something that could demonstrate changes in the plot based on our decisions. Also, how do we skip cutscenes if we enabled them? They're interesting the first time but I often feel the need to reload to see if I missed stuff.