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ThatBoy Chris

A member registered Dec 24, 2019

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Puppet Combo will be one of the greatest game creators of throw back horrors EVER... I just got done playing Night shift, check it out for yourself..

Try downloading application. The games download right onto that application and you can play it through there. Once downloaded, log in, and go to your library of owned games and download it and run. I hope this works for you! Happy New Years!

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It is in the same folder as Scary Tales.. Go to all of your files and in the search bar, enter "Scary" Scary tales folder should come up, click on the folder and all 4 games should be right there already dowloaded. Let me know if this doesn't work.

Feed me billy is somethin else... IM ALL FOR GETTING SCARED. Check it out!

Amazing game.. Really scared the Shiiii out of me. Check it out!