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This is an awesome concept. I understand that it is in the early stages, has some bugs, but I absolutely loved this. Aside from the lag in some areas from having a few to many enemies on screen and the dash taking stamina, this is an indie game that I would like to play as it's updated. Hopefully you see this and feel a little inspiration, and that this motivates you to do some updates. Have a great day <3 

I love this game. I didn't have time to figure out the codes or even get to an ending, I read somewhere that someone opened over 1000 doors, I can't do that in one episode, anyways the gameplay is smooth, for some reason there are certain areas that creep me out and some that blow my mind. If there's an ending, please give me a hint, don't tell me, just give me a hint. I really feel like this game would make a great playlist on my channel, I just need to know if there is a way to actually beat it before I go opening all the doors. Anyways here's the video, great game and hope to see more! 馃挏

This game...this is awesome. Loved Vigilante 8 and Twisted Metal as a kid and this just scratches that itch that I've had for a long time. Developer, great job and I cannot stress enough how excited I am for future updates. The controls handle smoothly, car customization, not to mention the soundtrack and the retro feel it has to it.  So good! 

I loved the first game so much. This one has so many more things you can do. Also where's the freaking code? WE NEED TO KNOW! I didn't know my dog was into stand-up comedy though...

Blah! I couldn't kill the cat. Grandma was eerie, as she was supposed to be, but I couldn't kill the cat..great game, but..the cat.. anyways here's this:

I will always adore game developers that can take something like Mr.Krabs or SpongeBob, and just make it the most entertaining and messed up type of game. This could be the next Mr.Krabs Overdoses on Ketamine if done correctly, maybe even be able to have a speed running community. I dunno, I love goofy games like this and I really hope to see more. So here's this, enjoy:

I couldn't help it. I cried out in

 fear. Very good game, the I my thing I could say to improve on, is don't focus on jumpscares. Yeah they got me and got me in spades, but you have a greater and broader idea here. Focus on the atmosphere, focus on the audio. The part with the footsteps? Primo scares. I loved this, even though you made me cry. Good job and hope to see more.

Love ya fam.

I loved this! Wish there was more to the demo, but hey, that's the point of the demo lol. I felt like I was being watched the whole time, there's such a mystery, it makes me want more. You have a way of bringing suspense, and the sudden jumpscares weren't cheap shots, they were earned. I am in love with this game and my god, I will pay for the full game, just give me more! Much love from some random guy

Man for a first game, this was awesome. It's simple, straight forward, builds tension. The sudden ambiance at certain parts mortified me. Loved it, hope to see more, let me know!

This...this is awesome. I loved it. As a fan of MegaMan for close to 15 years, I can say that this should be completed, and sold for money. This is good, the 3d platforming is a little wonky the first 10 times you try, and the falling portion of guts mans stage is very very skippable, because it isn't 2D, but the aspect is there, the vision is there, and I absolutely want to see more. Give me more.

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Very unsettling and terrifying. I like how you mess with perspective and make it where it almost had a PT feel, without all the puzzle aspects. The entity is startling, albeit for a short time, but over all the game is very satisfying and hope to see more from you! Very awesome for such a simplistic and short game, well done!

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I love simple yet amazing games. This one was very well done. I dunno if it was supposed to give off an unsettling feel to it, but it did. I love how the game is cyclical as well. Get your dad some tea and he shows you what's on his computer lol. Amazing. Here the link, love ya

Geeze this game got me. I'm dead serious, I was on edge the entire time. Really enjoyed it, one question though, I didn't quite understand the ending, I got ending 1, but my editor caught a couple of frames at the very end that...confused us. Anyways, very good game, hope to see more and hit me up if you want me to play any more of your games!

So...I loved it. If it's accurate, then my god I hope to never have schizophrenia. Anyways it isn't a horror game but by god does it make you uneasy. Anyways here's the video, give a sub or a like or something I dunno. Good game and hope to see more from ya!

I absolutely loved this game. you made me realize that stacked parking garages are actually an underlying fear of mine. Thank you and I hope to see more from you!

hell yeah! I absolutely cannot wait!

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I absolutely cherish this game. I've looked for months on here to find games like it, and nothing quite itches that scratch that this one gives me. Anyways I played this in November of last year and failed to realize there was an update literally a month or two after I played it. So here is my take on the new update, BTW I WANT MORE UPDATES, I love this game so much and I literally NEED more. I have played this game once before and needed to do a second video on the newest update. Check it out, I love this game.

Very very good for a first game! Cannot wait to see more from you my guy. Be sure to say thanks to the people that play your game my friends

I enjoyed the fact that it can be taken as a comedy or a horror game. Very simple game that creeped me out immensely. I recommend the download, and hope to see more from ya! Cheers!

I seriously hope to see more from you. This game had me creeped out a little to much. Especially when it's poking it's head and hands out of the box. Game looks and plays amasingle and if you're looking for a narrative style and is also pretty scary, this game Is for you. Congratulations. Remember to turn your stove tops off when you leave your house please.

I don't know how you did it, but you made a simple game creep me out to levels I didn't even know I had. Honestly great game and I hope to see more from ya

I seriously hope to see more from you. This game creeped me the hell out, plus I absolutely love PS1 style horror. It's a bit slow paced but it's intended to be a slow burning game. Loved it 馃挏

Both awesome and creepy. Gave me a good scare and Is probably my favorite game I've played so far.

I freaking love this game. Each banana has a different personality, this making each one a different dating experience. Yes this is a dating simulator.

I uh...I miss the original, so this was super refreshing. Loved it and hope to see more from ya! Check this out if you want to know what I thought about it in depth

I absolutely love this game. You did good my man!

Scared the shit out of me.. absolutely love this game. Who knew getting water was terrifying.

this game got me twice. Very beautiful aesthetic, and the's amazing.


This is probably my most favorite game of all time. It's seriously up there.

first download and first to play!

Or or or...maybe they could be respectful to others. I know other small YouTubers that they have gotten itchy over, for having fun. Stay professional, people come back. Anyways, I have done 2 other videos giving a review on everything else. They didn't watch it, they commented on it even though it was a positive one. If I make another, it will be because they along with every other ignorant person like yourself decide to provoke under false pretenses. Good reply though,gold star for the white knight. Nobody pays them, but they can quit anytime they want. They aren't slave to a hobby. Stop crying, I will do what I please with my channel, if you don't like it, and I'm speaking to you as well VTOT, then stop watching. Good day to you .

Oh. My. God. This was probably the best demo I have ever played (other than a ps1 demo disk, those are my favs) but my god..the voice acting, the ambiance, the music, everything about this screamed "THIS GAME IS THE BEST" I WILL be purchasing this game at full price when it comes out. Will post a video tomorrow or so, I couldn't wait that long to make a comment. Good job developer(s) I cannot wait to see what else you have in store for us!

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great looking game, amazing atmosphere, good controls, I say, when it's finished it'd be a 70$ game...but...I made a video, left a positive review on youtube, and the developer and his team started getting mad at me and said some hurtful things about my channel, all because I made a video on how to get out of bounds and said it was unfinished. I do not care if the team is small, don't get paid and are underqualified to make a game, don't harass small channels because they do something completely different than what you want. Great game, terrible people.