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Avarge Sandvich Enjoyer

A member registered Aug 08, 2021

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Maybe i'm just incompetence so i don't understand why people said this game was depressing. It would be nice if someone could actually recap and explain what happened in the game

I'm sorry but who install the air conditioner like that? I know we're in hell and all but this should be illegal 

So now the teleport orb for all other locations are consider unobtainable items?

How bad was the drop rate? I fight in the challenge and just now got the bow for the quest that was almost 2 years ago and i play this game everyday. 

Will this game have "new game +" when it finished?

Good game, sad that there not much story and objective yet

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Damn my guy update the game so fast i barely have the time to finish the last update  and i mean that in a good way

Is this the end for Lisha route?

Is it just me or this game is actually hard?

This is one of many fetish that i'll never understand even if i try to


The lich king + the ruin king, getting quite spicy in here

Oh wow! I never realize that a NSFW game could be so...polictical. Great work man, you really put your back into this game

Pls Ren increase the drop rate for the bow in Aelynthi quest pls i've played the raid for almost 2 months and still can't obtain it

You don't need to worry man Steam market has so many NSFW games on it i think you'll be fine

Why the SFW update? There kids playing this game now?

This is the oldest quiz in the book, you literally see it everywhere. I'm surprise you haven't heard of this yet but anyway the answer is human

Quick question how do i reach the magic book room in greencoast tower? I try every door in all different order i can think of but haven't reach it yet

I'm afraid not, i asked him that and he reply "I'm afraid the reset was already a while ago, when the option for her good path was added. There will be no reset again."

Awh that suck. Oh well! Great update anyway really go full times on the game hope we can see more new thing in the futures 

Would you by any chance would reset Irinlia quest? I choose the bad path on accident and now i've gone to far to come back. If you would thank you for saving my moral

Hey uh quick question, what is the percentage of getting the bow in Aelynthi quest when you do the fire raid? Because i do that raid for more than a week and haven't found it yet

Could i asked where is the building you suppose to upgrade in the trade route quest? I click on the Red Keep and it surrounding but nothing

So.... Are we gonna have some 18+ scene with Andrea? I'm asking for a friend

I have a small problem, when i fight Shika and Funeral the game auto lock to Shika i can't attack Funeral. How can i fix this?

The dialogue with Kayelinth said that i have to build her a farm in the overview map but when i go to the map i can't find the place to build the farm. Help