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Slimy Slug

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very nice pack

for a free pack this actually beyond the standard of pay pack


definitely need some real improve but you will get there if you try harder

why is this doesnt show at your page anymore?

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just a small request can you make some metal or steel weapon? or just recolor the thing

this is the top tier of asset pack but it is free, thank you so much

oh but if i could suggest maybe add a heavy weapon like m16 or shotgun

can you add weapon 

cool sprite it will help me in my next project thank you

i think may be you forgot to add title set to the pack

Real cool stuff keep it going

you should turn font.png into some kind of font file like .ttf or .otf if you still working on this 

this font is kinda nice

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a friendly remind for you change the pic where you show all the gun because it can be ####### and ###

huge respect for a so good of a pack with a free price

can you do something like this but with spreate body part

i like this style

thanks mate

how did you do the animation like this

ye make the titleset plz

you can just download the pic

can you add back pack like the old one

you should add attack 

can you make a full city title set to use with these title set

hey are you still update this?


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ahh never mind i fixed it. but will you make more gun i like this so much

i got a problem when the game not cover fullscreen so i cant export it any idea why

wow that was fast thx btw

great but it will be cooler if we can download it

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thank you so much

well i like to use 2019 verson so hope you fix the problem thankyou


i would recommend to add jump or idle animation and also item for the guy

Assets\Scripts\TopDownCharacter2D\Controllers\TopDownCharacterController.cs(21,51): error CS0144: Cannot create an instance of the abstract class or interface 'UnityEvent<Vector2>'

help plz