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why did you submit this for a game jam? 

Agreed :)

Thank you! We wanted to make the game playable and winnable by everyone, so we decided to make the game easier and have a slower difficulty scaling. This may have backfired but we're glad you liked it anyway.

Thank you so much for playing!

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Thank you very much! The artist is very talented 

I actually experimented with having a single action button but quickly realized that it would be too easy for the player to just spam the button once they are near the bonfire lighting it and passing 

We're glad you had fun :)

Oh! You can still use E for lighting the fire and use X for passing it to enemies.

Glad you liked it :)

Thank you very much! Yes I agree, the artist is very talented. Glad you liked it :)

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Pretty good for your first game! Nice level design as well, I also really like the concept. I think this could make a very unique game if you worked on it a bit further after the jam. I made it with 47 bombs, is that good?

Overall great game, I give it an 8 out of 10 :)

Hey good job getting 5 at least! If you have gotten a bit more, you would have encountered the boss

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Haha :D

Would have been a nice touch, im suprised we didn't think of that.

I did that

The normal zombies doesn't collide with the player when they are cured. I coded that for them and the boss enemy is just a duplicate of the normal enemy with upgraded stats and different animations and they share the same script, so i have no idea whats causing this

Thank you so much for playing.

That's a bug that we were aware of, but I still have no idea what causes it.

Glad you still liked it tho :)

Hey, thanks for playing!

The cured big guys having their collider still working was a bug that I couldn't fix. I had no idea what was causing that issue.

Glad you still liked it tho :)

Hey, thanks for playing :) 

Sorry if that bothered you, we didn't have enough time to implement that feature.

Hope you liked it nonetheless.

Thanks for playing :)

will the top games be shown in the brackeys channel?

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hey are u taken cuz if not hit me up on discord



Thanks :)

The theme for the jam was rewind so the pink thing

rewinds time. Its an obstacle. You're right, the collison shape is a capsule, i will use a rectangle for my next

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Will do after a couple days

hey sorry not looking for games rite now. Bit busy for the  next few days

Will do. Bit busy now tho

thanks will do 



will do,

Thanks :)

Here ya go,m8

ok thanks