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I picked this as my random Trans Rights in Florida bundle item review of the day today -- I really dug it. The magic mechanic is clever. Thanks for writing it!

That’s a good reason!

I tagged this one as my game jam of the week over on Mastodon, btw — not that I think I drive much traffic but I really like the idea.

Any chance you could make this a couple of weeks or a month instead of just three days? Not that three days is absolutely too little time -- I've done my share of 24 hour game jams -- but it's pretty tight. 

Minor note: in rev 4, multiple psionic powers of the same type no longer provide an attribute bonus but rather get a GOO-P refund (page 50). However, the Final Reminder list on page 65 still lists the attribute bonus as a final thing to check.

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A potential source of inspiration:

Thanks hugely for listening! I like the rewrite a lot.

Hey, some feedback on this — I like this playbook a lot, but I’m not totally sure about the “Filthy” special ability. I live in a city with a serious homelessness problem and the stereotype of filthy homeless people comes up a lot in political discussion. It’s usually used to dehumanize.

I wonder if you could do something interesting by inverting it? What if the ability allowed a Vagabond to become completely unidentifiable because people can’t imagine that she could be clean?

And sincere thanks for writing this; it’s a cool playbook and I can easily imagine using it in a game!

But of course, and thank you!

Ahhh, that makes a ton of sense. Yeah, I thought that was possible but I wasn't sure -- adding some random arena stuff would be perfect. The training possibilities hint strongly in that direction as well.

I really like the clean layout. In particular I like the way you use subheads to call out what players should take from each section. 

The weapons are cool but as a filthy story gamer I kind of want a way for players to introduce them. Maybe if they roll doubles they can narrate the crowd throwing something in?

I love the clear in-game advancement. This feels like a one-shot and I really like one-shots that advance the characters during play. It's good structure for the game session and helps maintain interest.

I do wonder if the ring provides enough situation for an entire game, but I'd try it and find out.

This is awesome feedback and I appreciate the detail!

I’m aiming for something a bit more generic than purely Mexican wrestling for a couple of reasons — there’s a hint towards this in the name Puroresia, which is of course a nod towards Japanese wrestling. The title cuts against this, obviously. I think the right answer for me is to play up the lucha/puro connection, which is a great candidate for background expansion.

I won’t have time to revise before judging but I expect to do another pass on this anyhow. For example, I have a chunk of random tables built to shed more light on the world.

I really like the idea of getting promo skills in there somehow but I feel that those cross between wrestling types: plenty of high flyers who can deliver a good promo.

I’m definitely going to use the idea of a promo as a healing mechanic. That’s perfect.

The phrasing on the belt is terrible and I think I can fix that tonight. I knew it was clumsy and gave up and I appreciate you calling it out. My intent was what you said.

Fixed a couple of formatting things on 9/2 -- no change to the content.

This is superb.