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Thana Orchard

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TY !! ^w^

thank you, i agree! also BEAUTIFUL LZARD OMG

Heck yeah thats awesome!!! you should totally go for it its super fun and satisfying ^w^

love this!

thank you!! ^v^

eee love these!!!

omg ty!! thats basically why i made the game too XD

good to know re: linux users! i have a linux system but i rarely use it so i didnt know what the norms were

i dont have easy access to the source files right now, i believe they are on an old pc but i was going to dig into the hard drive soon so when i do that ill see if i can get a more stable build out for linux users

thanks for letting me know! :}

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thanks for the feedback!

don't worry it's not just you, the text is very blurry and hard to read at first but it should sharpen up once the fog is cleared, which is unlocked by navigating to a location outside the first main "area" in the game

and yeah i dont know why the emoji is so big 😂

Most of the music / sounds were made with VOPM + various effects here and there :]

Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot! :]

Thanks! I don't know if I can reply to comments here so I'll just make a new one and hope you see it. XD

Each of the shrines represent a character in a story I've been working on for several years. I haven't made much progress on it so I thought I might as well plop the characters in something. "Lull" was supposed to be a clump of dust, I was gonna add more detail to it eventually but I kinda stopped caring after a while. :P

Very funny, love the Gator's voice!

Whoa, I didn't even know game jams could have message boards until now! I gotta remember this. :P

I wanted to make a "community" sim where the player balances the needs of the members of a small community. Ended up having to cut out a lot (curse feature creep!) but it looks like I'll at least have something resembling a game by the end of the jam.

Looking forward to seeing everyone else's games! :D