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Apologies for getting back so late, I only remembered the other day. I tested it on my laptop instead and it works fine. Sorry about that! Incredible game.

I'm using Windows 10 currently. I attempted to play twice and it crashed both times. Perhaps my computer is just being weird but it runs most high end games fine so it's strange.

It was working fine until I got to where you enter Clock Town towards the start, the game just stops responding for me. Any tips? I really want to play it as I'm a huge fan of the Ben ARG

This was awesome! Pretty short but sweet. I loved the Ben Drowned ARG so I probably enjoyed it more due to that. Incredible work for only being made in 3 days. Keep up the good work!


Played for a bit and found a decapitated head and a knife. Wandered around more then got stuck in a room with a CIA graphic. Am I missing something?

Getting better at making games I see. Good job keep it up this one was super fun and interesting

Absolutely disturbing! Short but so sweet. I've quickly become a fan of yours and I cannot wait to see more!

This was absolutely insane and I loved every second! I was completely stunned at the end of it. Good job can't wait for more!

This is absolutely fantastic! And actually has some spoopy moments. Now I can play a game with 2 of my favorite things! Can't wait to see more keep up the good work :)