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That scorpion just wants to let the heroes know they're doing a great job killing it!

I wonder how much of a slow burn development this is gonna be.

Heck yeah! Thanks for the reply.

Is this still being developed?

Wait what? WAIT WAHT!?

Oh no! My counter cheese! D:

Kinda dangerous to be adventuring without any kind of armor :D

Ouch, really? That was the one place I was confident in crossing off :D

Close to the end of my playthrough, and all I'm missing is one of the fools in the final dungeon. I found the one in the Princess area, anyone wanna drop some knowledge on me and let me know which area the other one is in?

Good Luck!

Lynette as the main character? Oh geez, I dunno. You might be able to make her "interesting" sure, but if you can't root for the main character, that makes the game hard to play. 

I'm glad we have a perfectly normal human in Odette. There's too many magical people in RPGs :D

Okay, looking forward to see what you do with the Allure setting now that you have a bit more experience.

With my luck,  its some bizzare software/hardware combo that hates this specific rpgmaker version or something.

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I'm having an odd issue with my current run. Windows died on me, and I had to switch to Linux (I know). Odd thing is, this game spikes my cpu temp up to 95 degrees within half an hour of booting it up. But my cpu usage never goes above 20%.I play windows game through Lutris, and I've never had this happen before. Any Linux players out there who might be able to help?


I might have found a workaround for now. By lowering the game's priority, I can limit the heat spike a bit. Its still getting up to 80-82 degrees, but at least its not 95+. Still far more than this game should be taking, but at least its more playable now.

How about releasing the full game on itch?

Now this is a pleasant surprise.

Called here by the recent patch. Just thought I'd chime in that I really appreciate the enemy "Un-holy Diver."

Its super refreshing to see dedicated support like this.

This makes me intensely curious. How would you do it differently? What would more sensitivity look like in this context?

"like THAT as meant to represent how  "sometimes family members have really really cruddy worldviews and a small child might not understand how thats extremely bad""

That's exactly what it is. You were so close to getting it. The rest of the island is Jimmy innocently trying to make Lars happy, without realizing any of the implications of it, because he's eight.

There isn't a criticism in game, because eight year old Jimmy doesn't realize the toxic nature of it, and the entire game is from his point of view and his understanding. Its worth nothing that every single family member is shown to have at least one major flaw that is simply shown and not commented on. The game trusts the player to recognize what is happening. None of them are shown to be perfect or indicated in any way that we are supposed to agree with them 100% of the time.

Buck's temper is the most obvious example, but Lar's lazy nature and disconnect from reality is consistently shown throughout the game. There's also Jimmy's Mom's ambiguous bipolar disorder, or his dad's intellectual distancing and his inability to both recognize or properly deal with Jimmy's learning disorder. These are all shown as is with no commentary from Jimmy, with the player trusted to put the pieces together. Only Buck ever gets a call out, and not by Jimmy. So its consistent throughout the game.

OH, I did a dumb. I ran into him, then reloaded as a cutscene started thinking that it was story event. Then I wandered around the dungeon and forgot all about that room. Thanks for letting me know, I'll be less stupid for any future playthroughs.

Oh good, I was worried I babbled too long for this to not be annoying. But yeah, despite the length, I really enjoyed the whole climax. Everything from the Darkloft fight through the end was a lot of fun. Oh, and DID find the giant super boss, thanks. Twas a fun fight, and was long enough to set up some crazy damage combos, which was both hilarious to see and fun to pull off. 
On a side note, what are the Giant's Helm, Golden Hammer, and Demon's Mask for? I never found a use for them. I was thinking they might unlock other optional bosses that never managed to find.

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Finished the game last night and I thought I'd give my poorly written and disjointed thoughts on it. (SPOLIERS)

It was pretty good. You can tell its an earlier project, being a little...rougher? I don't know if that's the right word.The character portraits are good, but the occasional expression has kind of an odd angle to it, seems like a couple of them would make the neck sore. Character sprites (especially in battle) are pretty great, with the occasional enemy that seems a little out of place. The world itself is good (seeing a theme? :D). Actually the overall art style gives me real "Paladin's Quest" vibes. I wonder if that was intentional?
Artstyle: 8/10

The writing has the trademark unity charm to it, with dialogues generally feeling pretty natural with a smattering of wit throughout. But where the writing shines most, imo, is the romances, specifically Chisa and Merel. Pretty much every interaction was adorable and heartwarming. The Love Festival especially had me "aww-ing" and laughing throughout. Chisa best girl, as well as being an immortal juggernaut.
Karuna and Aurelie's initial interactions were a bit more disappointing to me. Their initial interactions felt like they were building to something, but it feels like we don't get enough time before Aurelie is taken away, I had a hard time being invested in her possession, but Karuna's conflict and determination to save her managed to be fairly compelling despite this. However, their reunion in the finale was extremely satisfying for Karuna's sake, and I found myself getting surprisingly attached to Aurelie the way I probably should have been to begin with.
And then there's LYNETTE. You might have noticed I've been describing the characters in terms of their relationships to this point, and that's because they adhere to pretty standard character archetypes with little deviation. Exception to Karuna, who manages to be more level headed than the general "I hit things with a sword!" protag. She (probably appropriately) is the ebst realized character on her own merits. Oh right, Lynette. I hate her. She's the jerkbutt character that's also the mistakenly self righteous paladin, AND has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Moving on. 
Characters: 7/10

Story is the standard "chosen hero saves the world" for the most part. The twist that the hero is in love with the dark lord is a fun one though, and keeps it from being boring.
Story: 7/10

Combat's fun. The system allows you to use abilities pretty freely as long as you are even half careful with your resources. Limit breaks are frequent and fun without being overpowered in short fights for the most part (Looking at you, Chisa!). Difficulty seems balanced well (note that I played on easy), with no real need to grind, simply fighting each overworld enemy as I passed by them was enough to keep par. The cost of equipment seems hand tailored to drive me insane. I'm type to compulsively buy our every equipment shop in RPGs, and I can't do that here. Instead having to pick and choose what's needed. The game's fun to play ya'll.
Mechanics: 8/10

Overall, its a fun romp that gets you invested in the characters. For what's, as far as I could tell, unity's first(?) published game, its a surprisingly good for a first full RPG. Definitely worth a play.
Overall 7.5/10

(edit) Oh, almost forget. The whole climax and finale was great fun to play through. Lots of bosses, sequences that mess with your party and available characters, suitably epic, its great. Someone might have gone a little crazy with the size of that final dungeon though. I went out of my way to explore all the side paths, got lost, and wound up at the final boss by accident anyway. I never even found out what the last 3 key items were for!

Oh good. I'm right outside the post Darkloft Dungeon. I was getting nervous, since I was seemingly moving further and further away from water haha.

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After the amazing Weird and Unfortunate Things, I thought I'd give this game a try. I'll save my thoughts for after I beat it, but I want to make sure I don't miss the Boss summoned by the harp. Where and when can I use it?

Thanks so much! I have it written down again ( I will NOT lose it this time), so if you want to delete your comment to keep it a surprise for new players, I have it.

Hey all! My hardrive died and I lost my saves. Would someone be willing to share the language code and how to activate it at the beginning? Not super keen on the idea of doing another playthrough, so I can do another playthrough. 

I got it figured out. The 403 error seems to have been on my side. I use a download manager, since its usually more stable for me than doing it in browser. Apparently, Itch doesn't like it for some reason. Not sure what was up with the HTML thing, but it wasn't consistent at least. Thank you for replying offering assistence.

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Sure. I'll message it to you, thanks. *edit* apparently, that is not a thing on Itch. I'll try to figure something else out, not gonna post my email publicly.

Sure have, there's some real gems on here. I take it by your response, that I'm the only person to report something like this?

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The demo keeps trying to download as an HTML file. 
Now I'm getting Http 403 errors?

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When it comes to the basic stuff, like health, atk, etc. The gear seems to be the big weight to those stats. By the end, my Alicia was incredibly tanky compared to how VoD built her for his streams. I do agree about Miriam though, she could use a bit more wallop in her basic attack. 

I played on normal and found batting stance to be IMMENSELY useful. If its buffed, it should probably be nightmare specific, since it would end up being completely broken for lower difficulties. 

Got it!

Many thanks. I'll check it out asap!

I'm curious if anyone is willing to share where they found the heart in the mines. I've sunk a couple hundred oble-obli-mind currency and I can't find it. I FEEL like I've been everywhere and I don't even know what path I might be missing to try.

Oh dang, I thought I had gotten all the pre-Makyo stuff besides a fool's key and one of the prodigal bones.