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I see that the game has updated. Is there a way we can view the patch notes?

Its possible? I've had the same issue with another mkxp game.

It was my pleasure. This is just so relatable that I had to say something.

The non-legacy for windows. I've had a similar issue with another game on the same engine. The legacy version seems to work fine, but when I close that version, I get a sprite error message.  
"Script 'test' line 5: NameError occured. 

undefined method 'set_upper_sprite' for class 'Sprite_Character'

Aw, darn.

Anybody else having problems with the game not running? Since the latest update it never loads past a black screen and jsut closes after a few seconds.

Random question Mr.Tacosalad, do you have any plans for a sequel? Cause man, the joyless ending really seems like its leading into something.

Aw darn. Oh well, thanks for the reply.


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Finally finished HEARTBEAT. THought I'd leave some quick feedback here. 
  I've mentioned here before that I absolutely love the art style. Everything just looks so inviting. I'm kinda sad that Mogs who join you default to a human form though. I found the monster forms to be more unique and charming personally. Its a minor gripe though, as the human form aren't bad, I just have a lking for monster design. The combat is serviceable, not amazing, not offensive. It does its job. 
  THE MUSIC IS AWESOME ACROSS THE BOARD. I found myself jamming out with 90% of the sound track while my wife looked at me funny. The Sand Bar theme was my personal favorite, congrats to the composer(s).
  The strongest part of the game though, was easily the writing. Its been a long time since I've gone out of my way to talk to everyone in a game. I couldn't get enough of talking to people, especially the supporting cast. Everytime I got a new party member, I went back to every previous area to talk to the named characters and see their new reactions. It was a joy to interact with everyone I met. Even character archetypes that I usually find really annoying managed to be charming here. Specific shoutout to Chip, as I usually can't stand hyper aggressive characters, but she was precious. Kudos to making so many diverse characters likeable and, morfe importantly, BELIEVABLE as people.
  I think the biggest weakness was a lack og clarity for some puzzles. Sometimes the game expects you to do something unique for a quest that is not possible to do elsewhere, but doesn't tell you its suddenly now possible. Using your wisp companion's ability to cloak to find invisible npcs for puzzle, or picking up random items to use in a scripted battle were the two worst examples for me. 
 TLDR: Very well done game that isn't great in every area, but pulls it off in the bits that I personally think matter most for RPGs. The music and writing are the biggest standouts, and the art style is also super good. I give the game a solid 8/10. Oh, I need to add one thing. I am super down with the core theme of the game, and am really glad its treated with the respect it deserves.

Now I only hope that the devs are still watching this page. They have been really quite lately.

Is there a standalone patch file that can be downloaded? Or will I need to re download the whole game to update?

Not bad at all ;)

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*EDIT* sigh, nevermind. There were multiple posts just below mine that answered my question. So as not to waste time, thanks for the amazing fangame Mr. Tacosalad!

Is Steam the only place to get the full version of the game? The official website only has an option to get a Steam key when purchased.

Shout out to the only good Lisa fan game!

Darn it, now I'm hungry.

Dropping in to wish you an early Merry ChristMASS! (I'm not sorry)  Also, thanks for helping keep good game design alive with Jimmy and the PMass. This was one of the most emotional games I've ever played (in a good way!).

Dropping in to wish you guys an early Merry Christmas! 

Here as well, right? I don't use steam.

Hmm, I got notification of an update, are there patch notes pending?

Congrats on the Steam release! 


Thanks! Good to hear I don't have to completely re-download the whole game again.

Does this patch fix compatibility with the itch app? If not, how do I update the game when standalone?

I'm looking forward to having the time to play it!

Hey, I noticed this isn't compatible with with the Itch app currently. Are there plans to make is so? Also, whoever is your artist, kudos. I haven't had a chance to play yet, but I bought the game base don the strength of its art alone.