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That poison sword is beastly! Also, imp kinda cute.

New game from Jimmy dev?
Inspired by Lennus!?
Insect people!!?
Mantis Samurai!!!?
Okay, I'm in.

This sucks mightily, but taking care of your self is of course the priority. I hope life turns around for you soon. It gets better eventually.

Love the addition of the arrows so I can go everywhere else and not accidentally progress :D

Looks like it.

Yeah, 80 was a bear to get through. Those flowers are brutal.

Man, Cyan is CONFIDENT. Dude's displaying for dominance.

Heck yeah! Update! Time to continue the adventures of Tired Mom!

Did you clear browser cookies/cache? Your progress is saved via one of those.


"Some bosses drop a little more money, and various treasure chests with cash have been added, to make shopping a little easier."

And there was much rejoicing.

Good luck with the re-do! I'd second having the re-done version available on itch, for whaat its worth.

Only just discovered this. I'll be sure to post my thoughts on the translation here when I finish my playthrough.

Oh heck yes! I've been hoping for an english translation. Playing it while reading a translation in an internet window just isn't the same.

It was def a good move on your part. Steam has a mich bigger audience.

Ey! I don't use Steam, but congrats!

It is possible to overtweak something.

When's the dating sim update? :D

Oh dang! Congrats! This very quickly became one of my favorite games of all time, its nice to see it spread to a bigger audience.

Indie games:
Pros: Have actual soul and are fun.
Cons: Long dev times.

The School Scissors starter mystery has been bugged since the last major update. Pantsz has an...odd update schedule.

Props to the dev for seeing our comments and fixing the download issue. Even basic integrity is so rare in the industry today, its good to see this resolved, and so quickly

The girls not only have actual armor now, but you update the portraits and the little sprites in combat to reflect that. That's a real nice touch.

Congrats on the update! Looking forward to trying it later.

Gotta love the continued support.

Just read the new announcement, and not gonna lie, its disappointing. BUT, burn-out is awful. Take the breaks you need, keep the pace you need. I'll be here regardless when its ready.

That scorpion just wants to let the heroes know they're doing a great job killing it!

I wonder how much of a slow burn development this is gonna be.

Heck yeah! Thanks for the reply.

Is this still being developed?

Wait what? WAIT WAHT!?

Oh no! My counter cheese! D:

Kinda dangerous to be adventuring without any kind of armor :D

Ouch, really? That was the one place I was confident in crossing off :D

Close to the end of my playthrough, and all I'm missing is one of the fools in the final dungeon. I found the one in the Princess area, anyone wanna drop some knowledge on me and let me know which area the other one is in?

Good Luck!

Lynette as the main character? Oh geez, I dunno. You might be able to make her "interesting" sure, but if you can't root for the main character, that makes the game hard to play. 

I'm glad we have a perfectly normal human in Odette. There's too many magical people in RPGs :D

Okay, looking forward to see what you do with the Allure setting now that you have a bit more experience.

With my luck,  its some bizzare software/hardware combo that hates this specific rpgmaker version or something.