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This was such a delightful game to play! Recently, I did a let's play of it for the recent season of Those Guys Play, and my friend and I may have fallen in love with a werewolf!

This game made me conflicted. I wanted to date a lot of these pizzas, but I also wanted to eat them. I fell in love with Cicilian, and I definitely suggest that people download and play this cute little gem. Definitely the tastiest game I've played on the show before.

This game was everything I wanted it to be, and more. I burst out laughing and knew I was going to play something hilarious the second Cage had a 17 pack. All of the references to Cage's filmography was a nice touch too. You clearly know your stuff. Thank you for making one of the weirder games I've ever played!

These were the worst, but in the best way possible. Its always interesting how an author can talk about how much they hate something, yet the incorporate it into their work so much! Either way, I wish I could have seen more from Square. Square was my favorite! Thank you for making such a unique game!

This was a cute little game that I probably should have prepped for before playing it. I haven't tried any other endings yet, but it is definitely worth the playthrough. Its as cute as it is sad. 

This game was a lot more intricate than I thought it was going to be. I can tell you had a lot of fun making it. You really got me to want to punch Takosu in the face. I still do. Thanks? 

Each Bowie tugged at my heartstrings more and  more. I was shocked to find out I could die, because it definitely made the game even more exciting. Thank you for Bowieing up the place, and thanks for making them gender neutral! Overall, this was a Bowietastic experience!


This game was hilarious and had me laughing throughout my entire playthrough. The characters all made sense, yet I never saw them coming. I think Retnug might be my favorite, but Hannah has a special place in my heart. Thank you for making such a gunt game!