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The theme for GRIMJAM is: 90's HORROR

Feel free to get started now!

GrimJam community · Created a new topic Theme Reveal

Hey everyone, hope you're in a spooky state of mind because we're going to reveal the theme for GRIMJAM at 12PM EST. We're going to be streaming the theme reveal live on our Facebook page so check out https://www.facebook.com/thrivegames/ for the announcement!

After the theme has been announced, you can make your teams, or start the jam solo!

Projects will be due tomorrow at 12PM EST, and must be submitted to the itch.io website

Hey Pebsie,

That's why I included that * actually lol if you want to solo the thing by all means!

I'm going to be announcing the theme on Saturday at 12pm EST and then everyone can get started

GrimJam community · Created a new topic Getting Spooked?
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Just like PT Lisa, the GRIMJAM is slowly heading our way!

Was just curious - what engine are you thinking of using? I just picked up UE4 and started playing with it, and I'm leaning towards using that.

What about you?