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Interesting control scheme! You should add more situations which take advantage of the fact that two directions are possible at once. I only noticed one.

Could also use some feedback when you've missed or landed a hit. I know the numbers increment, but that's tough to notice when you're trying to pay attention to the arrows.

Good use of theme, and kudos for making a rhythm game in a weekend, well done!

If you pull down the menu, there should be a label at the bottom left that says "Stats" and one on the bottom-right that says "Builds". Those should transition you between the two views. The stats view is still a bit unorganized, but it's better than nothing.

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I made a little starter kit for this jam using Love2D. There's not much to it, just rendering to a 64x64 canvas, then rendering that canvas on top of the game window all stretched-out like.

Hope it's helpful!

Edit: Made a few updates, including the addition of Josh Riley's Minimal Pixel font (see this post).